Of AEW For the second time, the Blood and Guts match is fast approaching and there is some excitement around it, especially since it is being used on such a big gimmick on one of the weekly TV episodes. This time around, Blood & Guts has pitted the Jericho Appreciation Society against Blackpool Combat Club, Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz. With plenty of talent on hand and many months of build, it has all the ingredients to make a great match. However, there is some hesitation and caution from the fans, especially since there was some criticism on the previous version of Blood and Guts. In order to secure the successful future of this gimmick, AEW must ensure that everything is perfect.

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AEW’s first Blood and Courage match received a mixed response

AEW’s first Blood & Guts match came in 2021 and featured the Inner Circle fighting The Pinnacle, with MJF and Chris Jericho at the forefront of the competition. After infiltrating and betraying the Inner Circle, the MJF revealed that it had formed its own group to defeat Jericho. This angle was hot, and in the months that followed, things were expected to continue to form steadily. However, the fight for the first five-match series between these men was announced in the Blood and Guts Stipulation – AEW’s War Games.

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While this is a high-profile encounter, with occasional recurring quarrels and a lack of story progression, much was needed in this build. The match was decent for the most part as everyone got a chance to shine. Unfortunately, overall, this did not go down well as a huge success, and for a variety of reasons. AEW tried to pack a lot into the match and try to live up to the name, but the blade jobs were so obvious, it didn’t feel like bloodshed based on what happened in the match.

Some of the spots were fun, but sometimes the pace and flow of the match was off, and it wasn’t as polished as the NXT version of the War Games of earlier days. AEW couldn’t resist but having men on the cage was also a defeat. Attention turned to MJF and Jericho, but this did nothing for those in the cage for long. There had to be more smoke and mirrors around Jericho’s blow from the cage, which caused the match to get a lot of criticism as the spot looked bad. It had good moments, but it was not perfect.

AEW has produced a little better blood and courage than ever before

Looking back at this year’s Blood and Guts match, the build is having some similar issues, which, despite a better performance than the previous time, have been squabbling for weeks without any real progress. On the plus side, it eliminates unhealthy sugary foods from one’s diet. The AEW made a serious mistake last time out for a gimmick match, and without escalating the quarrel, went off an unmatched journey.

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The chaos in the arena between these men started their gang war, which was a mixture of humor, violence and chaos, so the next step in trapping them all seems like logical progress, which would be a great culmination. Of their quarrel. AEW needs to be careful, though, not to make the same mistakes as last time.

The match must be delivered to keep the blood and courage alive in the AEW

More attention needs to be paid to its structure to ensure that the match will not run slowly and blood will not be forced. Large crowds will help in moments where the action slows down. This may have been the case in the last match, but this match is not just about constant quarrels. More ingenious spots need to be taken, and an arc must occur everywhere.

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Perhaps the most important aspect of this match is that it must feel different from the last match, otherwise it will start a trend of very similar blood and guts conditions, which will result in less investment from the spectators when he returns. If things don’t work out this time around, then in terms of terms, further comparisons will be made with both WCW and NXT, and AEW needs to avoid the reputation of being a bad copy of a popular concept. With those involved, she has every chance of getting hit, but if she fails to live up to expectations once again, it could be disastrous for the gimmick.