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  • Luda is a Web3 startup co-founded by the former PlayStation and Google AI Leeds.
  • The firm plans to start a franchise owned and shaped by Solana DAO communities, starting with Neo Fairies.

For nearly two decades in total, Shannon Studstill was part of PlayStation Juggernaut as co-founder of Sony’s Santa Monica Studios. She was the lead producer at the 2005 Smash “God of War” and worked on several other titles, and later as executive producer on the acclaimed 2018 “God of War” reboot.

But after all this time, overseeing the ever-growing development teams working on the growing AAA video game — as well as a brief stint on Google’s Stadia team — she now aims to develop a new entertainment franchise with thousands or potentially millions of people. Decentralized Autonomous Institution (DAOs) On Solana.

“If we turn around [IP creation] Put a little on his head and let the community own it and build on it, “said Stadsteel. Decrypt“And with the support of visionaries, etc., can they find the path they want to take?”

Is the co-founder of Studstill Web 3 Startup Luda, which she founded last summer with co-founder and CEO Vijay Sundaram, whom she met on Google. Sundaram started the Interactive Entertainment R&D group on Google AI and was exploring ways of machine learning and other emerging technologies to influence gameplay experiences.

After Studstill joined the Google Stadia team in 2020 as directors of its Playa Vista studios, the two aligned themselves with the possibilities surrounding user-generated content (UGC) — but they wanted to move away from the creation game built on players’ backs. Create value. Roblocks, for example, Takes 71% cut Content sold by users and external developers.

“As DAOs and NFTs Began to fly, we were like: ‘Wait, these guys make all these things – they make them in Minecraft and Roblox – and yet they don’t own the things they make?’ “Sundaram said. “Now that we see what can happen with this technology, we can improve a lot on what seems wrong.”


Neo Angel This is the first project to come out of Luda’s DAO-based collaborative venture, but it has not been created as a video game from the beginning. This could be or TV shows, or books, etc. As it is being created as the first franchise, Luda plans to create a way for the ultimate community of producers to finally move forward through DAO.

Luda’s goal from the beginning has been to impart knowledge and knowledge of the world to budding creators and then allow them to develop their own characters. Neo Fairies focuses on situations in which fairies are always around, but have been hidden by humans in the past.

However, this is a new era for fairies and they are re-emerging in the world. As a collaborative world-building experience, Neo Fairies will allow players to create and define their own fairy tale and a place in the “fantasy-punk” world.

“It’s our turn to correct mistakes, welcome them here and tell their stories,” Sundaram explained. “She is OK. We want to make it, in the beginning, a story world that we created together with the community – but we will give the community a lot of tools to do that. “

Users will be able to select a location on the real-world map and create Solana as an NFT, as well as a unique fairy and mint an NFT to prove originality and ownership. Minting will be free, aside Transaction fee (Which is usually a fraction of a penny on Solana) and the goal is to give participants something they can claim as their own.

Luda will open the Neo Fairies DAO community later this month and allow people to claim a place on the world map before launching the fairy creation platform later this year. Neo Fairies Imagery represents a fairy-themed social app – like the role-playing Facebook in which people can shape their characters in the community.

Neo Fairies app imagery from the official website. Image: Luda

Luda is also preparing for the masses, there is no limit on how many fairies can be created and created as NFT. This is one of the main reasons why startups choose Solana, said Sundaram, due to lower fees and higher throughput compared to the platform. Etherium. Scarcity is not the goal.

“We are thinking of UGC projects where there are millions of people – not 10,000 people,” Sundaram explained. “People go into Minecraft and pay to make a design or they don’t make things because they want to flip it for money. They make it because they are really creative. “

“We’re thinking of UGC projects where there are millions – not 10,000 people.”

Vijay Sundaram

Neo Fairies hopes to bring the same spark to light among users, but initially to create stories that can be delivered on media platforms. But as Sundaram suggests, the goal is not to get super-valuable NFTs to flip — an idea that reverses the speculative frenzy that dominates most conversations around NFT.

NFT reframing

Neo Fairies is built on Web3 technology, but Sundaram said NFTs are just “a way for people to understand what they own.” The NFT is a blockchain token that represents ownership of an item, and in this case, Solana will tie the NFT into the wallet of each fictional fairy maker.

Like high-value Ethereum NFTs Boring app yacht club And CryptoPunksThose who have sold for millions of dollars each are not representative of Luda’s motives.

“Everything you want for UGC is just the opposite, right?” High prices, they are rare or limited, and you can’t move them, “said Sundaram of Price NFT Projects. He said Luda’s team is now “more enthusiastic” about how NFTs can be reframed around “user-owned content”, which is how they describe Neo Fairies’ tokens.

But conveying that message can be challenging. In the traditional gaming space, studstill’s old stomping grounds, lots of gamers Pushing back against NFTs कॅ Money Grabbing as Cash Grabs Another way for publishers to extract value from players. And cryptocurrency scams and volatile markets do not help.

“I think it will take them a while to figure out what they don’t know,” Studsteel said of the core gamers. She describes the NFT ownership of the items in the game as “a real game-changer”, but many gamers are passionate about their hobbies. They can also be defensive about changes in business models – as seen in the past with free-to-play games and downloadable content (DLC).

“They are deep in technology. They understand and they understand what is going on, ”she added. “They want to make sure it’s the right move for them.”

The DAO makes the decision

Similar to the recently unveiled Web 3 IP creation projects ज such as Terrible Pets, a NFT projects from manufacturers behind HBO’s “Silicon Valley”– The final transformation of Neo Fairies is not yet fully established. But Luda has a plan on how the project could transform from a seed seed into a potentially abundant entertainment franchise that grows over time.

As mentioned, it will revolve around the DAO. DAO is a way for people to connect around a collaborative and shared cause or purpose, and membership and administration rights are often communicated through crypto tokens. In this case, the creation of the free Neo Fairies NFT will give producers access to the DAO community to participate in story and franchise development.

Sundaram said Luda is actively developing a legal framework for delegating Neo Fairies IP rights to DAO and enabling the community to collectively manage the development of the franchise. It’s an ongoing process, he said, and one they’re approaching carefully. The future value of the franchisee will be created in the DAO, which can decide how to distribute it.

Your free, ready-made fairy NFT— is probably one in a million, if Neo Fairs were turned on, — probably not a big increase in value, Sundaram admits. But if the characters you create become an integral part of community-developed knowledge and are used for future movies, games, and other mediums, then perhaps NFT will be desirable.

This is a more unlikely possibility than any kind of promise that Luda can or wants to make. As Sundaram describes, the focus here is on “create your own” — participants can create a fairy, take the rights to create it, use it in future NeoFairies platforms, and help shape other potential use cases. This is proof of ownership and origin and access pass.

Concept Art of DAO Vote in Neo Fairies. Image: Luda

Luda has envisioned this framework being used by all kinds of creative Web3 projects. Neo Fairies is the first IP supported by decentralized, Solana-based Wonder ProtocolIn which Luda is contributing and which is largely designed to enable the community creation of entertainment franchises through NFT minting, DAO governance and other tools.

Sundaram believes that the next could be developed by a community rather than a franchise like Marvel or a Roblox-Escu sensation company, whose potential benefits revitalize contributors. This is Luda’s first attempt to make the process easier.

“Let’s get people interested creatively. Let’s not ask them too much, but we will give them the tools. We will play it, “he confirmed. “But if we as a community succeed in creating something really special here, it will be for everyone.”

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