Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Review: A Grind will delight fans

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Review: A Grind will delight fans

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Fire Symbol Warriors: Three Hope

Available at: Nintendo Switch

Developer: Intelligent System, Omega Force | Publisher: Nintendo

Under restrictions: The last few episodes of the game, details of some of the main storylines as well as the existence of specific playable characters

“Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” is the latest Japanese role-playing game on the Nintendo Switch. Like “Persona 5 Strikers” and Zelda Spinoff, “Hirul Warriors: Age of Calamity,” “Three Hopes” takes on a beloved franchise and plot, in this case, Fire Emblem, and adds hack-and-slash combat to it. “Three Hopes” would be an unsatisfactory title if it were consumed solely on its merits and not linked to the Fire Emblem franchise; In short, it’s a grind. On the other hand, this is a game designed entirely for curious fans, who will get exactly what they want from it – be it the old flame of dating, the electrifying soundtrack or the chance to see the attacks of powerful characters. Developer Omega Force and its Dynasty Warriors series.

“Three Hopes” is set before and during the 2019 “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” event. Similar to “Three House”, this time you play the role of a mercenary hero named Shez, who has the same dark magic abilities as the main villains of “Three Houses”. (Perhaps this is a mere coincidence.) Shez fights with one of the player’s chosen three houses in Fodlan’s fictional land. The three houses are in a tiring battle fought against each other with magical, riot weapons and the ability to change shape. Like the original game, Shez has to build the trust of his peers and build their bonds by working together, cooking delicious food, training for countless hours, and teaming up in battle.

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How Shez and “Three Hopes” fit into the magnificent knowledge of “Three Houses” is a puzzling mystery that becomes increasingly apparent as you immerse yourself in the game for hours. Shez often encounters the protagonist of “Three House”, Bayleth, now referred to as “Empress” or “Ashen Demon”, who always helps the enemy’s house.

The game is approximately 40 hours for a playthrough, but a 100-hour course can easily be extended for those who want to complete each storyline and experience maximum relationships. I started my journey about three weeks ago with Dmitry’s Blue Lions Army, which looks like an emoji, similar to the original “Three House” and had enough time to complete most of the storyline of Adelegard’s Black Eagles. (I saved Claude and Golden Deer last, as I spent more than 140 hours with them in the original game, and I thought the plot was the best.)

Sometimes playing “Three Hopes” is like playing chess. You order troops around the battlefield, take advantage of them and ask them to defend the weak points. Once they reach their destination, where the player takes the reins to fight other characters, these units can send dozens of enemies flying in the sky, usually with strange looking animations in the mouse style. My personal favorite is fighting as Death Knight, Jeritza, who will shout at his enemies, “Stand up, coward. Your life is wasted. ” It is also clear that Shez and the leaders of the three houses have the best combat design and the most satisfying skills to spam. Due to Dmitry’s attacks, he constantly jumps into the air, allowing him to miss most of the landlocked enemies.

Many, many battles of the game have been combined with the same heartbreaking character stories that made “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” so appealing and helped to enrich the fan art and fan fiction. Over the last few years, I’ve heard so much about the Blue Lions’ sad son, Dmitry Alexandre Bledid, and I’m glad to see what he’s doing in “Three Hopes.” Spoiler alert: He’s as sad and frustrated as ever. The stories of the characters are kept consistent with the original game, making old friends feel like reunions. Dmitry and Dedu’s bromance was as light as ever. And just by ordering Petra and Casper to clear the horse stalls in the Black Eagles’ army, they extended their bond to the point where Petra revealed that she wanted Casper’s father to die.

“Three Hopes” leans towards the bizarre difference of focusing on an army of loving characters that anyone could die for, and the beautiful scenes where you can help Felix apply first aid or listen to Dorothea operatically. It’s a kind of work, when the ongoing war in Fodlan underscores the brevity of their lives, the scenes where the characters spend their downtime are more valuable and touching.

The game never fails to remind you of the toll of this war. Even though you’re playing Adelegard’s house, easily the most warming of the three, she finally admits that a lot of lives have been lost because of her and that she’s made mistakes. As a player, you can help her make fewer mistakes, choosing to appoint allies instead of killing them. Sometimes this means stopping the war instead of destroying all the enemies immediately and then devising strategies to force the opponent to surrender gradually. It’s an interesting idea in a genre that’s mostly about killing – why not stop and add another friend to the roster instead?

Often, a new ally is added to the game so late that you have to go out of your way to level up with other characters. But with all the character levels and strengths being taken to future playthroughs, you can start again from where you left off on the second playthrough. This can lead to interesting situations. I recruited Blue Lions’ Ashe Black Eagles on my second run and he was happily ranked 49th among the other level two farmers in the team.

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At the time of writing this review, I had “Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes” playing on the soundtrack repeat. Rock, orchestral singing music is the perfect combination with a repetitive battle of the game, where each enemy is killed by mashing YYYY, XXX or sometimes A button. The developers have included multiple versions of the songs, such as vocal tracks with extra guitars and drums, and a low rendition when the battle is paused and you send orders to units on the map. The soundtrack makes you feel like you’re in the opening song of the anime and that’s the inspiration I need to empower in all these chapters of the game.

Because, again, this is a long, repetitive game. Thankfully, the more hours you spend, the easier and more satisfying it becomes, and some of the stories are more interesting than others. Much of the dialogue on the Blue Lions route seemed approximate and unimportant. But taking the side of the Black Eagles House, which other houses condemn, means gaining more behind-the-scenes access to world domination schemes and plotting against traitors.

Some battles are clearly more suited to the Masu style. Classes with swords, ditches and axes seem bigger and more effective when you spam their skills. Magicians, archers and thieves, less. Petra and Felix, whom I had trained in the Tricster class, faced enemies so quickly that it was easy to lose track of them, making it difficult to aim. Fighting tall enemies, such as the occasional encounter with Golems and giant wolves, seems more meaningful and fun than the average group of soldiers. And flying on a dragon, which is also possible, is an unpleasant experience that can be improved.

When you’re not arguing or talking, the game has a lot of work to do for you – upgrading facilities with resources, upgrading units with better gear, sending allies to clean the campground – in addition to many side missions and side quests, which are optional but important. That you can do that too. Unfortunately, “Three Hopes” has fewer advantages than the original game. No fishing; The fish just magically appear on your list. Medicinal plants do not grow. There is no marriage or romantic ending, although you can ask the characters on dates and they can even flirt. And compared to the beautiful and comfortable backdrop of the Gareg Mac monastery in the original game, the constant battlefield conditions may be less.

There are some features that I want to add to the game that will make it a little less boring. Rather than going back and forth twice, I’d like to check out what resources are needed to upgrade the facility directly from the supply master non-playable character, but the guide can take care of that. There are no indicators in the game as to which side missions you have completed and which other missions are left.

What the game is for – a sequel to “Three Houses” with a real-time Musau battle – he delivers on his promise. “Three Hopes” is a mystery that can only be unraveled by dozens of hours of fighting and cut scenes, and the game contains pre-existing information about the “Three Houses”. Fans will enjoy reuniting with their favorite characters, but the generated storyline and built-in grind make it hard to sell to anyone else.

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