Simon Cowney confirmed that the French navy would stay out of Irish waters during their upcoming exercises under pressure from West Cork fishermen.

The French navy was planning a major exercise on our southwest coast this weekend – including missile tests – and it would be even bigger than what the Russians had postponed earlier this year.

The Russians, however, learned that the French Atlantic Fleet had to settle with the Irish South and West Fish Producers Association, headquartered in Castletownbere.

And tonight Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Simon Coweny TD confirmed on Twitter that they have won the West Cork fishermen again because after discussions with their French counterparts, it was decided that no French naval ship was in the Irish exclusive economic zone. EEZ) during this exercise.

This was accompanied by the following statement; “The Department of Foreign Affairs is in constant contact with the French authorities regarding the planned military exercises this weekend in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France.

“The entire area that could potentially be affected includes a small piece of land approximately 200 km southwest of Ireland’s territorial waters, south of the EEZ in Ireland.

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) was informed of the practice through a standard procedure and the Department of Transportation has issued a maritime notice in this regard.

“As a close EU partner, the Department of Foreign Affairs will, in general, liaise with French authorities throughout the entire period of military exercises.

The move comes after fishermen from the Irish South and West Fisheries Association demanded that the exercise be relocated.

In late January 2022, according to an agreement reached with the Russian government, West Cork fishermen succeeded in planning a Russian naval exercise outside the Irish EEZ (exclusive economic zone).

But now they were urgently calling on the Irish and French governments to provide similar results for their fishermen’s concerns.

Speaking on Sunday evening, Patrick Murphy, CEO, IS & WFPO, said: “We know that the effects of military sonar and direct missile launches have the potential to seriously disrupt the annual migration of fish and dramatically disrupt the breeding season of mackerel and other migratory fish species. .

“In the waters off our continental shelf the Albacor tuna fishery is starting for Irish ships on June 23 which could be potentially disrupted by these direct firefighting practices and we believe it will cause immeasurable damage to marine wildlife like whales and dolphins. Affected by underwater noise.

“As chief executive of the Irish South and West Fish Producers Organization I, Patrick Murphy has been instructed by our member fishermen to implement a plan to highlight these dangerous practices and to consider any action that would disrupt these French military exercises. June 23, 24 and 25.

“It is our understanding that direct firefighting cannot take place if our ships are fishing in the area, so we are discussing a plan with our shipowners and skippers to peacefully protest once again in our traditional fishing area. The proposed military exercise area.

“We understand that a no-fly zone has been declared for the region, but we are disappointed that our government did not comment on the maritime warning and once again advised us to be aware of the maritime law that should protect us instead of keeping us inside.

Foreign Minister Simon Cowney joins Frank Hederman and Caroline Workman in Cowboys to celebrate the milestone

“We are at peace in Europe and do not intend to escalate the current tensions, but at least it would be infinitely better if these naval exercises were stopped as an indication that they should be shifted across the water beyond our 200, outside the EEZ, further south,” he said. Away from our men and women operating their boats on our fishing grounds.

“As multi-generational fishing families, our members have been recognized as the custodians of our waters, and we propose that the Irish people help and support them in their efforts to preserve and preserve this wonderful resource for future Irish generations.

“Fishermen in our organization have also expressed the possibility that NATO forces will increase submarine traffic on fishing grounds on the West Bank for the duration of the exercise.

“The sea around Ireland is our place of work and may be a dangerous and hostile environment for life, but we and our natural resources deserve the right to be protected from unnecessary and dangerous actions by foreign powers.

“The effects of naval exercises in the world’s oceans and seas have been well studied and documented, and their impact on whales and dolphins in particular shows increased stranding and death weeks and months after the incident.

“Irish waters have been put to good use for the exploitation of foreign powers and their fleets to plunder our fishing resources, and once again the Irish South and West Fishermen’s Association and their fishermen have found themselves at the center of a war game allowed by international agreements that will never take into account the livelihoods of coastal communities.”

“As mentioned earlier, we are calling for a 10-year moratorium on these unnecessary military exercises, not just for any one country but for all the states that transition our waters.”