The Celtics defeated the Warriors 116-100 in Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Final, which was an all-around duel from start to finish.

The Warriors could not face the Celtics on Wednesday, with Boston outsourcing outbounding (47-31) and dubs in paint (52-26). And while the Warriors tried to make a comeback in the second half, it wasn’t enough to beat the Celtics in Game 3 of the best-of-seven series.

Team Leaders


Points Rebounds Helps
Curry – 31 Luni – 7 Porter Jr. – 4
Thompson – 25 Wiggins – 7 Green – 3
Wiggins – 18 Green – 4 Luni – 3


Points Rebounds Helps
Brown – 27 William – 10 Tatum – 9
Tatum – 26 Brown – 9 Horford – 6
Smart – 24 Horford – 8 Smart – 5

Tough battle in Boston
Although the Dubs trailed by 18 points in the first half, the team took the game to a shocking distance in the third quarter and also took the first lead of the night (83-82) from the start. However, the Celtics blocked the doubles and took control of the competition in the fourth quarter, allowing the Warriors only 11 points in the final frame. Four Warriors Andrew Wiggins scratched double figures with 18 points and seven rebounds and Jordan Poole added 10 points.

Third Quarter Thunder
The Warriors continued their third-quarter tires trend, pulling out a double-digit deficit using 12-0 and facing it in the third quarter. The third frame of the dubs was defined by a seven-point play led by Mania Stephen Curry. At 5:06 p.m., Curry dropped a 3-point splash as Celtics’ Al Horford took a foul. The call resulted in a successful four-point game and the dubs regained control, with Otto Porter Jumper removing another perimeter jumper to bring the game within two points.

Curry’s third frame fire
In addition to completing his four-point play, Curry led the Warriors’ scoring efforts in Game 3, especially in the third quarter. This sharpshooter trailed 3-pointers in a 31-second span in the opening minutes of the third frame, and splashed four of his six 3-pointers during this period. Undoubtedly, Curry’s biggest tray of the night came at 3:45 in the third quarter which gave the Dubs their first lead of the night since the early possession. Curry produced a 15-game high of 31 points in his third quarter, shooting from 54.5 percent field (22-to-22) and 3-point range (11-to-6).

Thompson’s series – Hi Knight
Clay Thompson finished the 2022 final with a series-high 25 points, shooting 7 (41.2 percent) for 17 off the field and 5-13 (38.5 percent) in the 3-point range. Splash Brothers flew in the second quarter, 10 points during this period and 15 points in the first half. Thompson threw two of his five splashes into the second frame, becoming the second player in NBA history to record five more NBA Finals games with five or more 3-pointers.

2022 NBA Finals begin
The Warriors trailed 2-1 in the 2022 NBA Finals as the team looks forward to a game against Celtics Game 4 in the best-of-seven series on Friday. Dub Nation has been invited to the Chess Center for the Game 4 Watch Party presented by Chase on Friday night. Tickets required for the event and all Watch Party tickets are offered free ride on MUNI on the day of your event. Buy Tickets | Event information

More notable:

  • The Warriors are now 13-6 overall in the 2022 playoffs.
  • Golden State slipped to 3-5 on the road during the current post season, losing to the team for the second time in a row tonight.
  • Kevin Looney played in his 101st game of the season (regular season and playoffs), the most by any player this season.
  • Dremond Green recorded his 200th career post-season block, becoming the fifth player in NBA playoff history to record at least 200 blocks and 200 steals.