In the world of professional wrestling, there are many match terms like Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber that have a history of violence. Many of them came into existence because there was a match that left many wrestlers for many years and that match was the War Games.

War Games is a Dusty Rhodes production inspired by the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdom. There have been countless War Games-style matches over the years, but when it comes to matches, WCW and WWE are the companies whose fans think when they think of a match. War Games matches have a long history since the NWA, but in this article, I will discuss the top five biggest War Games matches in WCW and NXT history.

5. 2020 War Games (NXT)

Every men’s war game has had an undisputed era since NXT revived the match. The undisputed era was the NXT modern-day Four Horseman stable and he proved to be in the ring every time. In their final match at the War Games, they will enter as Babyface and keep Pat McAfee and his heel stable. Fans were behind the undisputed era throughout the match as they wanted UE to take revenge a few weeks after Pat McAfee and his heel remained stable. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Babyface as a babyfish longer than we used to be because it was great as Babyface. The undisputed era won the match and it reached from start to finish.

4. 2019 War Games (NXT)

In 2019, the NXT women put together a classic war games match that is still talked about today. Both teams included some of the most talented female wrestlers on the WWE NXT roster at the time. The team will be led by Rhea Ripley and Shaina Bazler. The talent put together a fantastic match that showed the world that NXT had the best women’s division in wrestling at the time. The match was exciting as Dakota Kai Heel and Rhea Ripley became big stars for NXT.

3. 1991 War Games (WCW)

Four Horses was the King of War Games matches in the early stages of WCW, as was the undisputed era in NXT. This War Games match will feature The Horseman vs. Sting, Brian Pilman and Steiner Brothers. Horsmann wins the match when Sid Vicious throws a two-time powerbomb at Brian Pilman, injures his neck, and pulls out friend El Gigant to throw in a towel. The match ended with one of the best finishes in a War Games match.

2. 1992 War Games (WCW)

The War Games 1992 match has been described by many as one of the greatest cage matches in professional wrestling history. The 1992 match will be Sting’s Squadron vs. Dangerous Alliance. The match was scheduled to take place in the 1992 wrestling match and will be led by Sting Nikita Koloff, Dustin Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham v Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton, Steve Austin, Larry Zbisco and Rick Rudd. It was a match featuring many future Hall of Fame wrestlers. This match was one of the best matches the WCW has put together and should be remembered as one that separated WCW from WCW in the early stages.

1. 2017 War Games (NXT)

The first NXT Wargames was a unique version of the match as it would feature three different teams. Undisputed ERA will fight Sanity and the team of The Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong. The three-team format should be restored by NXT as it allows more wrestlers to prove to wrestling fans that their team is in the match.

The undisputed era was the right choice to pin Eric Young to win the match as it allowed the story between the two groups to evolve before our eyes. WWE’s re-introduction of the Wargames on the NXT was the best version of the match, as it introduced new wrestling fans to the only match they had seen on the WWE Network.