Gillette Stadium T9 will host the 2023 Army-Navy Games presented by USAA for the first time on December 2023.

Craft Group President and CEO Robert Kraft, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Rhode Island Governor Michelle Wu, Providence Mayor George Elorza, Director of the Naval Academy of Athletics Chet Gall. Mike Buddy of Athletics.

Robert Kraft, President and CEO of Kraft Group, said: “In New England, we value history, respect tradition and celebrate sports. “That’s why we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to host the American Games at Gillette Stadium in 2023. There is no bigger, historic sports competition than the Army-Navy game. It’s a national-television, signature game that we’ve all grown up watching. It will be our honor and privilege to welcome the Army and Navy teams, their families and all the patriots who participate in the Games every year. I would like to thank the New England Army-Navy Committee and all those who have partnered with us in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and for their dedication and passionate support in their mission to bring the American sport to New England.

The Army-Navy installment of 2023 marks the first time in the 124-year history of American sports that it will be played in New England and only the third time outside the Mid-Atlantic region (Chicago in 1926 and Pasadena, California in 1983). In addition to hosting the Americas Games, 2023 will have several notable milestones, with 250 for Massachusetts and the United States.Th Boston Tea Party Anniversary, 225Th Anniversary of the first voyage of the USS Constitution and the operation of the USS Massachusetts as a naval vessel.

“As a national leader supporting military institutions, empowering military families, and honoring our veterans, we are proud that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been selected to host the 2023 Army Navy Games,” said Governor Baker. “The history of the United States dates back to the establishment of the National Guard in Massachusetts in 1636 and the establishment of the military in 1775, and we look forward to adding another chapter to that rich history as we welcome soldiers and women and their families to the Commonwealth Games in America.”

“It is an honor to welcome the Army-Navy game to New England for the first time, one of the greatest traditions in all American athletics,” said Governor Mackie. “Rhode Island’s military pride is deeply rooted in our 39 cities and towns. In the end, it was the Rhode Island militia’s bravery that led to the first firing in the war against England. With the burning of the HMS Gaspee 250 years ago, Rhode Island declared independence from the crown in May 1776 – a full two months before the rest of its new nation. Our state continues to glorify and honor our rich military history and the heroes of our armed forces. We look forward to honoring and welcoming the teams representing the United States Army and the United States Navy when this classic football game starts at Gillette Stadium in 2023. ”

“The Army-Navy Game celebrates our city and region, and I look forward to welcoming this historic event for the first time,” said Mayor Wu. “We are honored to have the opportunity to welcome to Boston everyone involved in this historic tradition, and I thank all of our partners for working to showcase our vibrant community and culture.”

“Organizing the Army Navy Games for the first time in Massachusetts and during the many signature anniversaries associated with the founding of our country, will create a spectacular moment for your destination,” he said. Martha J. Sheridan, president and CEO of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau. “The United States was born in Boston, as were many elements of our proud military history. To play this iconic game in the Commonwealth, 250 a week laterTh The Boston Tea Party’s anniversary will be a boon to our visiting economy and to the region as a whole. ”

In addition to the Army Navy Games at Gillette Stadium, a number of related events will be held on Friday, December 8 at historic sites throughout the Greater Boston region, including the Patriot Games, Army Navy Gala, and Radio Row. Additional details, including ticket information, will be made available at a later date.