It’s always been common for major movie franchises to include video games as part of an all-inclusive marketing blitz. But there are some movie franchises that offer video game adaptations better than others. Some movies are living, like Star Wars The universe, which is just vibrant and deep enough for fans to be able to explore extensively in different mediums.

While countless other audiences are looking forward to the future, these are all examples of cinematic that can be played in an expert way. They generally benefit the most from the open-world format and tell unique, original stories rather than retelling what they see on the big screen.

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Respected Mention: Avatar

Ne'vi's Neural Range incarnation: can be used to explore and improve other gameplay aspects in Frontiers of Pandora

It has not yet been released, however Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora From the open world, fans can see what is expected of them Avatar The world of the title Pandora is already painted on the big screen, plants and animals that can only come up with the ideas of some creative genius.

Cinematic franchise visuals are their main selling point and fans are ready to return to the theaters. Waterway, border of Pandora There seems to be a great way to get into this amazing landscape. Some franchises are designed just to find out, and this is one of them.

Lord of the Rings

Mid-Earth shadow of the battlefield

The Lord of the Rings The series has helped to fully define the fantasy genre. Movies themselves are groundbreaks in their portrayal of the fantastic Middle Earth, but video games are able to go even further in the disintegration of these incredible states.

The shadow of Mordor And The shadow of war, Introduced the nemesis system and added new characters and stories to the science. Like a strategy game Middle-earth battle If the strategists were allowed to join the battles for the Rings Gollam An attractive new stealth title. Characters and settings ultimately make themselves better for video games.

DC and Marvel Comics

Split image of Suicide Squad and Spider-Man games

Marvel and DC’s comic book world is so diverse with heroes and villains that it’s no wonder the storytelling of these two big companies operates in so many mediums. They have established themselves on the page and their iconic characters and arcs are now also on the big screen.

This has affected the world of video games. From the vast Arkham Up to the most recent successful run of the Spider-Man titles on the PlayStation and even the upcoming release Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League And Wolverine, There are so many ways to explore. Every genre has been hit by strife Injustice To strategize with Midnight sun.

Star Wars


The galaxy is known to dominate every storytelling medium, even farther away. Pages and screens weren’t enough and really amazing titles have been set in a few years Star Wars. Battlefront And JD: Fallen Order There have been recent standouts in intellectual property.

But going forward, Star Wars Able to bring innovation with simulation titles based around Flying X-Wings, to celebrities Knights of the old republic Which revolutionized selection-based gameplay. It is one of the fastest and most unexpected franchises when it comes to advancing its gaming capabilities.


Amanda Ripley faces death in xenomorph jaws in alien isolation

Unusual style combinations really benefit from the wide range of tools at the disposal of video game developers. A mix of science fiction and horror that can be found in Alien The series is great for creating games of the same genre, which lead to horrible moments of fear of jumping and violence.

Have become a handful Alien The game so far, though the perfect release is yet to come. Isolation, blackoutAnd even a Hunter Crossovers are just some of the great examples, but there is still much work to be done Dark descent Revealed recently.

Fast and the Furious

There is a natural connection between video game titles and The Fast and the Furious. After all, the racing genre itself has come to influence movies, and vice versa. The franchise has actually surpassed a handful of already established titles, including Forza Horizon 2.

However, fans may not be aware that outside of mobile games, there have been other attempts to bring this racing series to a platform where players can interact with cars and characters. With the franchise reaching the finals, there is likely to be one more game left.

Harry Potter

Hogwarts legacy players can make grand halls of unexpected moral choices

So far, every passing movie has been linked to a related game. The magic is completely alive in this Harry Potter The spin-off and the series have actually improved with each release. The LEGO iteration is also the most beloved in the TT line but has a lot more potential here.

Fans have got a taste of what it means to attend Hogwarts, to sort through the house, to make medicine, and to cast charms. Right there Hogwarts’ legacy Comes with a unique narrative and customizable characters, allowing the audience to have a full student experience.

Mad Max

Screenshot of the 2015 Mad Max video game.

A post-apocalyptic world with high-stakes missions to provide a minor action hero and people. Definitely a simple game that can be made from Mad Max, And subsequent sequels. This was achieved with a very underlined title that gave the players a place in that desert.

From the look of the world to the fighting style of the hero, there is a lot to work on. Fans of the movie should definitely watch the release, but there is more to achieve here. With Furiosa getting her own on-screen spin-off, perhaps another title could develop.

Jurassic Park

Pentaseratops Jurassic World Evolution 2

Lego games and spin-off titles are exactly what they play for Jurassic Park And Jurassic World Suffrage is but a genre, especially when it is paired with a movie series. It is a simulation experience.

Players can create their own theme parks and dinosaur-based zoos Jurassic world evolution And the next part of it, which has many familiar and terrifying animals to increase the population of the area. It’s a slow start but the series has found its special point with a playable sim and the visuals are quite gorgeous.

James Bond

James Bond game

The James Bond The series has a legendary reputation on consoles. In fact, many of his publications, including stealth-based titles and first-person shooters, have some true classics. Golden eye Often stands out, as it does Nightfire And some other decent games.

Although some mistakes have been made, especially when it comes to the legacy-pitch title, there are still many years left. James Bond Tank. In fact, espionage style has gotten a shot of adrenaline lately, and with next-gen titles, the sky is the limit. The look of the movies mash up so well with what the console can provide.

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