Strategy games are one of the oldest forms of gaming. One of the main examples is chess, a game that has existed for hundreds of years and is still incredibly popular. Throughout history the genre has seen many innovations and with the advent of video games, twists in form have abounded.

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The oldest strategy video games, e.g. Invasion (1972), Computer Bismarck (1980), and Herzog Zwei (1989), will form the basis of modern strategy games, which have branched into different sub-genres such as 4x, Grand Strategy and RTS, each maintaining its own distinctive style and gameplay.

10 Europa Universalis IV is the ultimate historical nation builder

One of the features of Strategy Gaming is that there are always many complex mechanical systems for players to learn and master. Some games manage to combine complexity and pleasure in the form of a paradox Europa Universalis IV.

Since 1444, players have been able to take on the role of one of the hundreds of nations that existed around the world at that time, spreading their influence through trade, war and diplomacy for four centuries and becoming major powers of that era.

9 Command & Conquer pioneered the RTS type

There is no first entry into the real-time strategy genre, as with games Heap II To come before him, Order and victory And its aftermath, Order and Victory: Red AlertTheir huge popularity helped bring RTS games to the forefront.

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What set C&C Without its competitors Warcraft It had campy but fun full-motion video cut scenes, simple but fast and fun gameplay and multiplayer modes – all of which helped take the series to the pinnacle of strategy gaming at the time.

8 Starcraft 2 was the first true sports giant

Genuine Starcraft There was a well-known and popular game in its own right, but Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty Overall there was another animal. Considered one of the best games of all time, it earned that spot for its incredibly polished gameplay, story and multiplayer capabilities.

Esports existed long before its release Starcraft 2. Nevertheless, the sport brought the competition into the international spotlight and at its height, it was considered the most popular sports title of its time.

7 Age of Empires differs from other real-time strategy games

As one of the most recognizable franchises in early 2000 gaming strategy, Age of Empires Distinguish yourself from other RTS games by focusing on real-world, historical settings, rather than fantastic or science fiction elements of games like these. Warcraft And Starcraft.

The original received excellent reviews and was a strong competitor to the genre for that period. His random map creation was well received by critics and players alike for adding the ability to replay at a high level in the game.

6 Heroes Company was a perfect blend of history and storytelling

Some of the games set during World War II are as recognizable as Relic Entertainment Organization of great menKnown as one of the best RTS games to date and is praised for its strong story, gameplay, sound design and multiplayer.

With fascinating narratives filled with memorable characters, Great Men’s Association, In many ways, he strengthened his legacy by bringing players into the story of Able Company, which set the bar for strategy-based storytelling for years to come.

5 Shogun: Total War Married Grand Strategy to Tactical Gameplay

One of the giants of the genre, Creative Assembly Total War The series combines gorgeous strategy elements based on the turn of the game such as Civilization Thus with other highly detailed 3D strategic battle simulators that matched some other games.

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This was the beginning of the strategy Shogun: Total WarWho took control of one of the warring clans of the players during the famous Sengoku Jidai period in Japan and set the stage for all. Total War The next game.

4 Set the standard to follow Civilization II 4x games

While first Civilization The game has laid the groundwork for what will become a 4x strategy gaming genre, Civilization II will launch some of its most recognizable aspects, such as isometric view and diplomacy across nations.

Each subsequent installment and spin-off of the franchise and the competitors will build on the foundations set in the game and form a definite pillar of the strategy game as a whole. The 4x genre has proven its tried and true success with recent entries, such as Civilization VI And Old world

3 Alpha Centauri was more than just a civilization in space

Most strategy gamers who were in the late 90’s will be familiar with Sid Meyer Alpha CentauriWho took the engine from Civilization Created the series and something that was much more than its predecessors.

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While those games focus on their real world setting, Alpha Centauri The detailed science-fiction gameplay included aspects such as teraforming, weather, social engineering, and modding capabilities that set it apart from any other game at the time.

2 Warcraft 3 laid the groundwork for an amazing story to come

The Warcraft The franchise has been a major part of the strategy genre since the first game was released in 1996, but it was the third entry in the series that made the franchise one of the leading fantasy IPs of all time.

While World of Warcraft The modern audience probably knows better, it happens Warcraft III Which set the stage for the storytelling in the hugely popular MMO and, by itself, was considered one of the best RTS strategy games of its time.

1 Total War: Warhammer Revolutionary fantasy strategy gaming

As the franchise has established itself over the past two decades, Total War: Warhammer There was a major revival of the struggling series since the release of Total War: Rome II and it became one of her most popular entries.

Emphasis on imaginative elements in the typical Total War The gameplay style has undergone exciting changes, such as flying units and battle magic. Extremely successful building on Warhammer With fans of strategy and fantasy style, IP made the game an instant hit.