Before Josh came back from injury, Hot Corner was warm with Drew Ellis, Yoni Hernandez or anyone else. Diamondback decided to get into pencil. Rojas was originally the 3rd baseman. But does that mean the answer is on the third foot?

Josh was activated from the injury list on May 6 and started on base in each of the next 13 games, although Rojas did not record extra-base hits in those first 13 games of the season. Then, in Chicago on Friday night, Josh launched 3 home runs in the same game. Then, the next day, you may remember, Josh was out on the pitch, hitting his arm as well. This was his only plate scene during the day, so the on-base streak stopped at 13 p.m. But since he joined the club from the injured list on May 6, until June 11, he has not gone without a hit for two days in a row.

He played more than 160 matches last season. Those games were played in different positions. He played more than 50 games each at second base and outfield, 42 games at shortstop and only 14 at third base. He has played 28 games this season and has already surpassed that number three by playing one game as DH. As important as he was last season as a true utility player, he could be a man who does better on the plate when he knows where to play on the field. From last season to this season his strikeout has decreased%, his walking has increased% and his contact rate has also increased. In the same token, his ground ball% has come down, and his fly ball% has gone up with his line drive%.

Josh Rojas

Rojas will turn 28 on June 30. He is a native of Lichfield Park, attended high school in Goodyear, is eligible for arbitration next season, and will not be a free agent until 2027. It’s a relatively young, inexpensive, controllable piece. But is there an answer?

Considering his defense at third base this season, he has played 28 games with 239.2 innings in which he has 80 defensive chances. In those 80 chances, he has 54 assists with 24 putouts and 5 doubles plays and 2 errors. Gives 975 fielding% per day. In terms of its total value, 1.2 WAR is the highest of its 3 year career. So he is improving. But has he hit the ceiling?

Let’s do another comparative analysis to judge Josh Rojas. How do we compare them to the other four third basemen in the division according to their war? Ryan McMahon of the Colorado Rockies is probably his closest competitor, with another 1 year to serve. Last year Ryan had a breakout season and 4.0 battles, this year he is back on Earth and currently has 1.1 battles. Dodgers’ Justin Turner is making 20MM this season and is giving the LA trustee -0.4 WAR. Manny Machado is playing 3.4 battles in San Diego, but he’s also making $ 32MM this season, while Josh Rojas is making less than $ 1MM. After all, the San Francisco Giants have a 15-year-old veteran managing their hot corner in Evan Longoria, which is also priced at $ 19.6MM with किरण 5MM given by Ray. He is giving them a -0.1 war.

Finally, let’s summarize it in a few sentences. Josh Rojas is a good player, especially compared to the money he spends for Diamondbacks. I do not argue at such times. I’ll also talk to him about a reasonable extension that would include all of his arbitration years (which gives Arizona cost control) and some of his free-agent years. McMahon got a contract for 6 years and $ 70MM. I would love to give Rojas 7 years and $ 40MM with some incentives and a big mutual number like 8 10-12MM for year 8. But the real question is ……… is Josh Rojas a bonafide third baseman or is he a utility player? I think Josh is more of the latter. Dbacks will have to spend some money and upgrade to a third base and know that if one is injured and usually one, Rojas can give you average coverage.