Jaylen Brown, Boston Celtics

With Dremond Green and the Boston Celtics back-to-back in the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors star is leaning against his opponent.

However, now that the series is over and the Warriors have clinched the title, Green has become more humble about how the Celtics played throughout the final. In fact, the four-time NBA champion recently spoke of Boston’s future championship hopes, assuming they keep their roots intact.

Warriors title reaction with Clay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Gary Payton II | Drymond Green ShowDrymond Green was joined by Clay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Gary Payton II to give feedback on why the fourth winner of the Golden State Warriors in the modern era, Steff Curry Shine, Jason Tatum, Jillian Brown, Ime Udoka and the Boston Celtics deserve credit. , And much more. Download the full podcast at: Apple: Spotify:2022-06-17T10: 22: 07Z

“You have to give them a lot of credit. That team is not going anywhere. That team will return. You’re confident your team will be back … I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this team sometime in the near future जेव्हा when we’re finished जिंक to win a championship, “Green said during an episode of The Diamond Green Show.

The Celtics failed to win six games against the Warriors on 16 June and, therefore, ended the season as runners-up – although the learning experience provided by the post-season run was invaluable.

Drymond trolled Celtics after victory

Green may have spoken eloquently about the future of the Celtics and how they have prepared for continued success, but shortly after the Warriors left TD Garden, he was pictured wearing a Celtics T-shirt with some hand-made improvements.

While Celtics fans may not take the joke lightly, Green’s Escapad talks about what character he belongs to and how he accepts his role in the Warriors squad. However, if Boston and Golden State meet again in the final next season, the trolling attempt may try to bite him – but a lot of basketball must be played before then.

Clay Thompson sent a strong message to the Celtics

In the last few games of the Celtics against the Warriors, it was clear that they were stuck in an argument with the authorities. On almost every possession, at least one member of the roster is seen barking at the referee on the side, and often, this means that they do not return to the defense or fill their place for the offense.

Clay Thompson on Game 6 Clay: “I Want to Live It.” | Warriors practiceBOSTON, MA – Clay Thompson was interviewed during media availability on Wednesday as the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors prepare for Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals on Thursday night. The Warriors are 3-2 up in the Celtic season at TD Garden. On discussions about his performance in the game2022-06-15T19: 49: 04Z

“Honestly, I don’t think we’re focusing too much on that. We have the mindset of the next game. We’re just worried about getting a good shot at those moments, not what the other team is talking about… if you talk to the authorities all night, you can go your own way, “Thompson said. The media before the Warriors’ June 16 victory.

Arguing with officials from the Celtics was nothing new, we’ve seen it from them all season. In fact, Jason Tatum’s biggest developmental need this summer is to learn how to move on to the next play, regardless of bad decisions or too much contact. As a team leader, Tatum sets a tone for other roster members to follow, so when they see him arguing after every no-call, he encourages other team members to do the same – and that’s something that rubbed off on Grant Williams. In the last few weeks after harvest.

Boston may have lost in the NBA Finals, but after seeing the ‘next level’, what they want to achieve, they will return as a strong unit next season, with an in-depth look at what it takes to be an NBA champion.