The God of war With the release of the series will be in full flow again God of Ragnarok War Sometime in 2022. The next entry is being billed as the final part of Kratos’ story, which began in 2005. It remains to be seen if this is indeed the final round, but what fans know is how much fun this game has. From the revenge-driven story of God of War III Action-heavy God of War: Ghost of Sparta

F.Answers have posted thousands of ratings on IMDb God of war Games, revealing which ones you like the most. Since this is based on voters around the world, there is no doubt that the IMDb score reflects the average God of war Fans think it’s the best ranking for every installment so far.

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8 God of War: Betrayal (2007) – 6.5

Kratos is fighting the enemy in the Battle of God of War

God of War: Betrayal Kratos is a mobile game interquel set when God of War was set. It is a side-scroller that retains the action aspect of things, Kratos has many combos to use against enemies. The focus of the story is on Kratos’ discovery of Argo’s killer, who is being prepared for the assassination.

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The response from critically acclaimed critics has been overwhelmingly positive Betrayal About being an immersive mobile game. However, due to the limitations in the gameplay, the gamer had a more holistic approach to things. Most of the same enemies appear on the screen and only a few combos are effective. The story has a fascinating element here, as fans find another chapter in Kratos’s saga.

7 God of War: Ascension (2013) – 7.8

Kratos is comforted by his wife in the God of War Ascension

Many critics do not consider this to be the best God of war Game created as a prequel has an unnecessary story. God of War: Ascension As Kratos tries to free himself from the blood oath he gave to Ares, the protagonist has to go against the Furious to claim his freedom.

The lack of diversity in gameplay is another reason for the low-spirited fan response, e.g. Ascension Plays just like the others God of war There are titles and very few steaks. It’s designed to entertain purebreds in the series who enjoy repetition in style due to the creative brutality they discover.

6 God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008) – 8.4

Kratos stands in hell in Olympus' God of War Chains.

The first prequel received a very good response at the time of release as PSP lacked AAA titles. God of War: The Chain of Olympus Not so big events, but there is an emotional story where Kratos is reunited in his later life before leaving his daughter.

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The chain of OlympusFor those who prefer a more dynamic gameplay, the lack of weapons may be a negative issue, but the increased difficulty and hard-hitting bosses present new challenges of their own. This is a great entry in the series that can be completed at once, making it an option for fans who want to play. God of war Where they can.

5 God of War: Ghost of Sparta (2010) – 8.5

After a brief respite from death at the hands of Thanatos, Kratos finally reconciles with Demos

Demos is a remarkably tragic character God of war Series for the fact that he was taken as a child and imprisoned in his youth by the God of Death. Demos is the background to the rescue mission God of War: Ghost of SpartaWhich is another prequel set as a god in the time of Kratos.

On the contrary The chain of OlympusThis handheld feature features long-time action sequences that players must complete to beat the boss. The ghost of Sparta Much more inclined towards combat-based gameplay than platforming and puzzles, which can be both excellent and a bit disappointing depending on which genre gamers prefer.

4 God of War III (2010) – 9.1

The final entry in the original series brought some difficult things God of war To fight against the boss, which was a rewarding experience. Fans were generally satisfied with the way the story unfolded, as Cretos avenged Zeus and the hopes of those who had been unknowingly hurt in his search were dashed.

The game has a tough environment where players need to be alert and ready for powerful enemies at every turn. With a rich variety of weapons and magic, there is nothing to complain about where the battle is concerned. Some felt that the character development of Kratos came a little late, but it was far from the gaming experience.

3 God of War (2005) – 9.1

Kratos God of War approaches Olympus in 2005

The original installment remains high quality because it is surprisingly old. His technical prowess remains impressive, with players crossing the incredibly designed Pandora Temple in search of Cratos to gain God’s power to fight Ares. There are very few bosses in the game, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem when the average enemy takes significant effort to send.

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While platforming is arguably the best in the series to date, Pandora Temple seems to be a grand accomplishment for game developers hiding many secrets in every corner. Revenge makes its straightforward story God of war Good for multiple playthroughs because players are not deterred by the storyline.

2 God of War II (2007) – 9.2

Cratos reached the Temple of the God of Destiny in World War II

The second entry took the aspect of Greek mythology God of war Longer game with Kratos searching for the sisters of fate to find a way to fight against Zeus. While the gameplay is the same as the first installment, God of World War II Its environment has more depth where players can find a mix of action, puzzle solving and platforming.

Many of the boss’s fights were widely praised, especially how different one is from the other. God of World War II Increased claims for the series to include several other gods in the mix. With features like the Pegasus-Riding Sequence for Pillar-Hopping platforming, the variety of the game is a class over the rest.

1 God of War (2018) – 9.6

The series ‘revival took things in new directions, with Kratos’ son, Atrius, having a Nordic setting as the main character. The gameplay was re-imagined by transforming it from a stationary camera lens to a shoulder-to-shoulder lens and a more intimate combat style. God of war Formula.

The game is by far the most focused in storytelling, as Kratos wants to reunite with his son as they travel to Jotunheim to spread the ashes of Atreus’ mother. This arbitrary turn is the main reason God of war Considered the best ever in the series.

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