Total War Dave and Alien: Isolation, the team behind Creative Assembly, embarked on a new franchise project developing in Unreal Engine 5.

Creative assembly, back studio Total WarTotal Unreal Engine 5 is developing a new franchise. Creative Assembly has developed a large number of games, though most titles Total War The franchise, including its most recent Total War: Warhammer III. Strategy Series is a turn-based, resource management game with real-time strategic battle control. The studio has made over twenty different developments Total War Games, although other projects of the Creative Assembly include the 2014 Survival Horror Game Alien: Isolation And sequels HelloReal-time strategy game, Hello Wars 2. Now it looks like the studio is expanding its stock, creating a new franchise with a brand new engine.

Since its official release, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 has become synonymous with game development, as dozens of developers, large and small, have confirmed that they are building games in the new engine. CD Project Red confirmed that it is developing further Vichar The game is developing in Unreal Engine 5 and Hunger 13 Mafia 4 As well as in the next generation engine. What makes the engine special is its robust, ultra-realistic graphics and enhanced lighting, physics and performance. Demonstration of engine capacity, The matrix wakes up It was the first run of most gamers with Unreal Engine 5. Game demos showcased an incredibly detailed game world, and since then many mainstream and indie developers have launched their own projects. There is already a long list of developers using Unreal Engine 5, but no wonder more people are joining the party.

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In the job listing spotted by Section next (Via PCGamesN), It was revealed that Creative Assembly and Sega are looking for a senior gameplay programmer who has the knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 that could be “Part of a new franchise team. ” The team will develop a new franchise title “Unreal engine over 5It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The job list does not specify any gameplay details for the genre or the new project, however there are already some hints about what it might be.

Total War Warhammer 3 Iron Dragon

In 2018, Creative Assembly posted a list of jobs set in sci-fi style for first-person shooters that were completely different from previous FPS. Considering the success of the studio with Alien: Isolation, Many were curious to see what is included in the sci-fi FPS led by Creative Assembly. Screenshots of the game attached at the time showed the Sega logo as well as the spacecraft orbiting the planet. Even though it was four years ago, it is certainly commendable that the senior gameplay programmer position is working on a sci-fi shooter, especially if it is still in the early stages of development. Since the term franchise is used in job listings, the studio’s IP is expected to expand beyond the first title.

Sci-fi in creative assembly can bring an interesting twist to the FPS style, especially if the studio wants to use gameplay elements or mechanics. Total War Suffrage and Alien: Isolation. Rumors have suggested that the undisclosed project will be a multiplayer game with tactical elements in a deep space environment, though there has been no official confirmation on that front. Given current speculation that the game could take shape as a significant addition to the studio’s portfolio, fans will have to wait until the Creative Assembly sheds light on its new franchise project.

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Source: SegmentNext (via PCGamesN)

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