European War 7: Medieval Is EasyTechIs the latest Policy The title, this time taking players into the medieval era, co Holy Roman EmpireThe Byzantine Empire, Viking invasions, crusades, And other such themes based on real history. Now the main gameplay is clicking on your army and engaging in strategic battles, which become harder as you move forward in the game. Here in this article, we will review European War 7: Medieval and share our first impressions about the game.

Repeat medieval history with famous heroes

Starting with Review, European War 7: Medieval Any strategy starts like a turn-based game. There are some introductory tutorial rounds that teach the players the basics, then they go through the campaign. This campaign is full of content as you go through the final stages Holy Roman Empire, In The rise of the Byzantine Empire, The Macedonian dynastyThe Hundred years of war, And some other really big events, set in Europe.

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The gameplay of the game sounds simple but some elements (such as combining different ranks or rioting forces, special powers / attacks of the generals and other such features make the game more challenging. There is also a difficulty curve that requires players to focus on getting better.) Creating and upgrading their military strategy, though, at some point, makes the game harder than most would like.

As mentioned earlier, the game goes through different empires in human history (one of a kind) InogamesThe rise of cultures But only with battle) and some really distinguished generals and well-known personalities Attila, Joan of Arc, Charlemagne, ArthurAnd others.

Learn the basic controls
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It makes a story to keep the game going. In addition, such as paying for a legend King of the Huns, Father of EuropeThe Eternal King, Arabian Knight, And other players may get some extra allowances, the fairness of which can be discussed later.

Fight strategic wars, build cities and change the course of history

The game has three current game modes: Campaign, victory, And Territories, Which also has normal and hard modes, so there is always a bit of content for players to enjoy, even if the game is likely to be repetitive.

The game revolves around a turn-based battle in which players move their units on the battlefield and attack the enemy, ending their chances when they can no longer make any moves. After that, they have to face the onslaught of the enemy. Like any other similar title, the beginning of the game is really easy, as the players progress in the game it becomes harder.

Number European War 7: Medieval Review
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Now there’s really nothing wrong with the game. In fact, if you are looking for something better in the strategy genre, this is a great title. The only real problem is that at some point, the game will get really, really hard, and also, a little nitpick is how the screen zooms in when you attack enemy units, which gets a little annoying over time. No defects or errors were found during our testing process and the game has been polished and cleaned.

The game offers decent graphics with simple controls

Visually, the game being completely honest is nothing special. It’s not a big deal, but the developers did nothing to make the game stand out. The graphics have a washed out and boring look that some may like and some may not. The soundtrack is very decent and relevant but there is nothing special about the sound effects.

This is a game for which you have no audio playing, instead playing your own music or podcast in the background. The game has pretty simple tap and drag controls so there’s not much to talk about. Controls are responsive and do not cause any complaints. The UI works very well without any problems. It also has a washed out look.

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No ads, but IAPS existed in medieval European history

The game has no ads which is a good thing but it has IAPs. With real money, the game can be much easier as players can get more resources quickly and also get the legends mentioned earlier. The game is offline so there is really no advantage over other players but progress is easy.

The final result

The game is a good title overall. EasyTech has a bit of experience with this game and they managed to make it enjoyable and not a pay-to-win mess like many other turn-based fighting games on the market. It’s a game that many enjoy, though not deeply into the turn-based combat style, and works great for a medieval European setting. This is nothing new but it happens

Gameplay Mechanics – 7

Graphics & Music – 7

Game progress – 8

Controls and UI – 8

Free-to-play elements – 7



European War 7: Medieval is a good title overall. It’s a game that many can enjoy even if it’s not too deep in turn-based combat style and the medieval European setting works very well for it.

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