Xbox and PlayStation For two decades, the console has been embroiled in a battle known as the War. Since the original Xbox launch in 2001, four console generations have been at war. Today I declare the end of the war. It ended the weekend with another nail in the coffin situation, not some climatic battle in the 2022 Xbox Bethesda showcase. Todd Howard did not hit the killer Starfield, And Atlas did not announce the arrival of Persona on Xbox. Instead, he died with the utterance of a phrase:

“Play the first day with Xbox Game Pass.”

The art of war

I have every PlayStation console since PlayStation 2. I kept coming back to Sony because I couldn’t miss their chance to play first-party titles. I haven’t bought a PlayStation 5 yet (partly because I still can’t find it in stock). Every time I think of the experience I want to play, I see a new game I like: it’s already on the game pass.

Sony’s biggest draw is the company’s catalog of first-party games.Sony

Since the announcement of Game Pass in 2017, the project has been referred to as the “Netflix” of video games. The analogy works well enough. Like Netflix, GamePass charges customers a monthly fee to access the catalog of titles they can experience. The catalog is constantly changing and you may lose one game each time, but more titles are always coming.

A perfect storm in the last two years has made Microsoft’s game pass gambling a huge success, leaving Sony stuck in a past centered on a single platform for gaming. The Covid-19 epidemic and subsequent chip shortages have caused supply problems for both the new Xbox series consoles and the PS5, revealing Sony’s tendency to put all its eggs in one basket.

Use a handful of “Best Video Games Ever” lists and you’ll see the right number of first-party Sony games. Developer created Naughty Dog Not coming And The last of us Franchises, both of which are hailed as industry-changing events. There are preferences on that Horizon zero dawn, infamous, And God of war. Sony effectively won the last generation console war by selling a huge number of PS4s and publishing some of the greatest games ever. The PS4 was a definite gaming platform, but what happens when PlayStation doesn’t have games to back up its console?

PS5 launched with low supply and no killer software. For companies that have always marketed their consoles with killer games you just have to play, this is the current unfortunate situation.

Modern warfare

Instead of trying to stay with Sony, Xbox completely changed the rules of engagement.Microsoft

At the heart of console wars is always the question, “Where is the best place to play video games?”

When the Xbox series console was launched, Xbox had similar supply issues but also had a more diverse ecosystem. Game Pass allows players to access content on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S or X, and even through cloud gaming. With Game Pass, Microsoft’s mindset is that the new question for gamers is not which gaming console is best to keep in their living room, but who can offer the best way to play the game they want in as many places as possible. Accessibility seems to affect the quality of easily delivered content.

This year’s Xbox Bethesda showcase has plenty of games for fans to enjoy. Todd Howard showed much-anticipated footage Starfield, Hollow Knight: Silksong Made a show and will be released throughout the year and fans of JRPG are looking forward to playing Personality 3, 4And 5 On Xbox and PC. All of these degrees are coming on the game pass on the first day. Of the more than 30 games in the showcase, it’s easy to calculate the number of titles that won’t be on the game pass on the first day.

Game Pass is a killer software never before Xbox. The catalog of over 400+ games includes every genre under the sun. It also sheds light on small developer and indie titles. With the announcement of a new initiative to add demos to the game pass, Xbox is reaffirming its commitment to reach out to a wider audience of small developers. While creating a great ecosystem for gamers, Xbox is also growing a great ecosystem for developers.

Going beyond the limits of gaming consoles, the new war between Xbox and Sony is a battle of services. The Xbox page on game passes has been transformed into a multi-functional ecosystem that players will no longer need a console for. Sony hopes that the PS5 will be as successful as the PS4, and if it weren’t for the global epidemic, it probably would. Now Sony is left to catch up with the Xbox, instantly to create a competitive service in the form of PS Plus refresh. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

Since Sony started bringing exclusive to PC, I feel less and less motivated to buy PlayStation. I find myself willing to wait a year or so for Sony to bring new titles to the PC. Probably the best?

I don’t have to worry about having no games to play while I wait, because I have an Xbox game pass.