Callisto protocol The most anticipated game to launch in 2022, especially after its impressive performance at the Summer Game Fest. In a stream filled with almost the same terrifying space games, it stood out for the fierce battles, the turbulent atmosphere, and its intimacy. Dead space. But as Glenn Schofield – head and creator of developer Striking Distance Dead space – Revealed recently, this latest bit of space horror may have an amazing link to recent serious loved ones rather than its spiritual predecessor.

That is natural Callisto protocol Will look very similar Dead space. Striking Distance has many members Dead spaceStaff development team with its creator and executive producer. As a space horror game, it will be difficult to avoid the effect of perhaps the most successful game in its genre. After all, it all looks like a game AlienRight?

Callisto protocol Leading the way in this year’s summer gaming event.

On the other hand, Dead space Released in 2008, it has a practically ancient history in the novelty-focused world of video games. Much has changed in the last 15 years to the most basic expectations of an action game. Like tight, story-driven experiences Resident Evil 4 Set tone for Dead space And its contemporary, but very different trend is dominating gaming today.

As Schofield said IGN In a recent interview, Callisto protocol Will not be linear Dead space. Instead, it will take hints from games like 2018 God of war Or The last part of us II And offer more ways to block the beat for alternative content.

In particular, Schofield said players can expect to find additional story sequences and side quests that will reveal more about the game’s characters. God of war Otherwise relying on alternative ways to spice up the linear game is the only game, but this is a remarkable example. IGN. As one of the most popular games of the last decade, God of war Will serve as a source of inspiration for every third-person action game in the near future, Callisto Included.

Callisto protocolIn the dark environment there are plenty of places to hide terrible enemies.Shocking gap

Which can lead to controversial changes, Callisto protocol It will also eliminate shiny footprints that help players find their way Dead space. Schofield’s logic makes a lot of sense for this. He says the goal is not to lose players altogether but to keep them uncertain about exactly where they are going and to wonder if they made a mistake.

For a horror game, whether it takes place in a crowded house or in a space prison, keeping players on edge is an important part of the experience. The more players feel out of place and less power, the more difficult the fear of the game will be. From his appearance, Callisto protocol Players will have some powerful weapons in their hands, so it’s important to find another way to overwhelm them that can’t be solved by pulling the trigger.

Facing enemies in a horror game is not always the best idea.Shocking gap

They gave Callisto protocol Starting with claustrophobia-induced imprisonment, turning its darkened hallway into a maze is a natural way to create stress. It’s not all about harassing players. Unless the UI guides them to the next critical position, players are more likely to stumble Callisto protocolThe optional content of, ideally losing, also makes for a rewarding experience.

Dead space And God of war They are beloved for many reasons, and simply replicating their best features will not win any game. From what we’ve seen so far, Striking Destinies seems to be aware of this, trying to take inspiration from popular games but not just trying to recreate their best ideas. Callisto protocol Will ultimately fail or succeed on its own merits, but learning from some of the best action games in recent memory is definitely a great way to get started.