The idea of ​​playing a board game only once can seem silly. Tabletop games usually give the impression of being replayable, otherwise, why should anyone invest in such a hobby? Yet with so many new projects being released each year, it’s no surprise that game design has new twists and approaches.

Like most video games featuring narrative storytelling and campaigns, board game designers have applied the same feature in some of their publications. Instead of single singles sessions, this Legacy tabletop game Offer a personalized narrative experience where sessions progress a story and where player choices dramatically affect future situations. Yet all things must come to an end and that is true for any legacy game. However, their experience will be remembered by the players for many years to come.

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8 Put the risky legacy game on the map

Most people are probably familiar Danger. As the first and most popular field control war game focused on diplomacy and victory, Danger Will inspire similar classic things Kemet And Anger of blood.

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However, Risk inheritance Over time, it began to wage war on groups that developed abilities. Players will tear up cards, make permanent physical changes to the board, and write on elements that were not previously heard for the game. Danger. Although Risk inheritance It was not the first legacy game and is not counted among the best games, yet it set the mark and helped popularize the concept.

7 Unlock! Modernizes escape rooms

Where most other escape room board games will tell players to cut, tear or fold cards to progress, Unlock! Uses mobile app and lets participants solve puzzles.

People will be amazed at how the game is evolving and challenging. With over 2-3 dozen situations to choose from and experience, players will be spoiled for choice and can choose how difficult or complex their story should be. Players can present their game to others after completing the challenge, so this is a good investment.

6 My City Is City Building meets Tetris

My city It is a cute but competitive 2-4 player legacy game in which the parties have developed their city in 24 sessions. Players will create their own personal gaming experience by adding cards and various elements to their board as their city progresses from pre-industrialization to the industrial age.

Featured Tetris– Like tiling, players will try to squeeze as many buildings and features on their board as possible to get maximum points. My city Also offers an alternate side on board for a repeat session for those who do not wish to play the legacy variant. For those who are short on time, this game is ideal as the match is usually 30 minutes long.

5 The King’s Dilemma is a game of thrones in a box

In King’s dilemma, The players face the leaders of various houses in the Kings Council and have to make tough decisions for the extremely shaky state. Liked Game of ThronesPlayers will have the experience of sitting in a small conference, discussing and voting on various topics.

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King’s dilemma Branch paths and deck features of cards that develop according to the players’ decision. Players must balance their interests when trying to make difficult choices on behalf of the king and try to weaken their rivals in order to move forward. The group will get to tell their own story, making this legacy game a fantastic option for players who enjoy politics, diplomacy and their friendship.

4 Players at Charterstone have created their own unique game

Charterstone There is a competitive heritage game where participants must build medieval buildings and share the village. Although the game starts slowly and the players have limited options, the various decisions taken and the buildings to be constructed soon create a chaotic atmosphere in the village filled with many possible actions. This is done by adding stickers to the game board and unlocking new cards.

Played through a series of 12 sessions, Charterstone Players have created their own unique Village Worker Placement Game with enough usability and practicality.

3 Time Stories is a time traveling board game masterpiece

TIME story It is a narrative game in which players, as agents, must protect the planet from temporary defects and strange ruptures that threaten to tear the fabric of space and time. With player abilities up to 4, gamers will take on the role of agents with different abilities and statistics while exploring different situations.

While the base game only includes the first scenario, the story has more than 120+ cards with various objects, enemies, puzzles and possible disasters. There are more than nine situations in the game that are very different from each other. From finding refuge in the 20th century to finding dungeons in medieval fictional cities, infiltrating the secret Christian community and stealing artifacts, TIME story There is a journey.

2 Glumhaven: The lion’s jaw is a glumhaven light

Original self-proclaimed prequel Glumhaven Sitting games, The lion’s jaw The vanilla gives a less intense but still authentic experience than the version. The lion’s jaw Is more streamlined and simplified as it removes board game tiles and allows players to attach directly to the campaign book.

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While this removes many of the features such as personal search, richness and improvement features, the prequel includes game-changing decisions, stickers and unlockable thumbnails. What’s also interesting is the character The lion’s jaw Can be brought in Glumhaven The campaign makes it the perfect launch point in the original game.

1 The legacy of the epidemic changed the face of board games

The legacy of the epidemic Based on the classic game, EpidemicIn which players must run against the times to find eradication and cure for many growing epidemics. The legacy of the epidemic It starts as before. However, in 12-24 sessions, players will unlock new elements and rules that will significantly change the course of the game.

As mentioned earlier, players will have to change cards, destroy them, and make permanent changes to the board. The parties will develop their characters, gain new abilities or lose them in a game event. A heart-pounding thrill ride, The legacy of the epidemic Considered one of the most incredible experiences in board gaming (currently ranked No. 2 as the best board game Board game geek). The first issue of the game was so popular that it created additional sequels that are considered high and play very differently.

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