India’s opener Ishan Kishan and South Africa’s spinner Tabrez Shamsi exchanged words on Tuesday in Visakhapatnam’s 48-run victory over the visitors. In the third T20I, in the ninth over of India’s innings, Ishan Kishan tried to reverse sweep the ball off Tabrez Shamsi, but the ball went straight to the point fielder and he could not connect. Notably, Ishaan Kishan hit a six off the previous ball and tried to do the same on the next ball. There is no doubt that the two players were angry with each other for some time but in the end they both calmed down.

After the other Indian openers, Ruturaj Gaikwad completed his half-century which brought Ishaan Kishan on strike, with Southpone hitting a powerful six off the midwicket boundary off Shamsi’s next ball. The next ball was a low full-toss, but Ishan Kishan could not find the distance and the ball went straight to the fielder. Seeing Ishaan Kishan’s aggression, Tabrez Shamsi approached him and whispered something in his ear.

Ishaan Kishan, however, did not remain silent as he glared at him before uttering a few words.

Ishan Kishan was also charged throughout the episode as the explosive batsman completed his half-century off just 31 balls.

Ishant Kishan’s opening partner Ruturaj Gaikwad also hit a half-century to give India a competitive lead of 179/5 in the first innings.

With 180 runs needed to win the series, South Africa were deceived from the start, losing captain Temba Bawuma early in the chase.

From there, it became Yuzvendra Chahal’s show as the wrist spinner read his score of 100/6 in the 15th over and took three important wickets to put South Africa on the backfoot.

Later, Hershel Patel joined the party as he completed the 25/4 figures and gave India their first win of the series.

As expected, India captain Rishabh Pant was overjoyed with his team’s victory, praising his bowlers for carrying out their plan well and fulfilling their promise after two bad days in office.

“I talked about the implementation and today we saw the same thing from both the batsmen and the bowlers. We thought we were 15 but we didn’t think much of it; The bowlers did an amazing job. In India, especially in the middle overs, spinners play a big role in stopping the batsmen. So they have performance pressures, but that’s what happens when they come down in such matches. I don’t think that’s a good thing for us (not performing in the middle order), but it’s hard for new batsmen to play straight after a good start. We will try to improve in the next match, “said Pant during his post-match presentation.

South Africa captain Temba Bawuma blamed Proteas batting and fielding for their defeat as they failed to take the partnership forward.

“It simply came to our notice then. They put pressure on us with the ball. Maybe something else could have been done, the batting was not good, we could not get any partnership or speed. This game, yes, was not like scratching our fielding. There have been some improvements. We are one of the best players in the world but I will not judge just this game. When batting, we always try to look at the first two overs and then gain some momentum. We couldn’t do that and we came under pressure after losing the first three wickets. Despite his experience and knowledge, Quinton is an integral part of the team. Reza is the man we’ve been to the top again and we’ve seen what he did domestically. Quinton is not there, we can’t cry over it, “he said.

Hershal Patel And Yuzvendra Chahal, the two heroes of India’s victory, also revealed that their plans worked in the match. He also said that he was happy to achieve his goal in Visakhapatnam.

“We had to implement some plans which were not fulfilled for us in the last few matches. You follow the process … those things take you and improve your game. We want to continue to achieve our bowling goals. It was slower than Kotla and easier to bowl hard length, ”said Hershel Patel.

Chahal, meanwhile, claimed that he had made a lot of changes to his bowling and that it eventually paid off.

“In the last match, I was bowling a lot and slider fast. I talked to the Persian sir and the coach about it. So I tried to throw an instant legbreak, but with a different seam position today. I want to turn the ball and drown it, I couldn’t do it the last time so I could hit it off the line. I took a little turn and tried to change the line of the ball. I was trying to bowl to my strength today. When you dismiss middle-order batsmen in the middle overs, they are under pressure. Nowadays batsmen try to sweep a lot and reverse sweep so we as bowlers have to be prepared for that too. The spinners had some help in the last match too but I didn’t bowl that well. The ground is big, thankfully in Rajkot (laughs)! ”