Netflix has made some announcements that seemed somewhat unavoidable after a few years in the reality competition genre: they are playing real life squid games.

Well, you know, up to a point.

The fact that no one will be killed in Netflix’s squid game show (maybe?) Raises some different questions. Most people are focused on the irony of the Squid game’s main message, capitalism and greed and wealth inequality, and now 456 people will be competing for वास्तविक 4.56 million in the actual version of the game from the show. I mean, they are not Is dying For the chance, but I’m not sure takeaway from the series “Hey, this looks fun!” Here’s what Netflix has to say:

“Squid Game drove the world crazy with director Hwang’s captivating stories and iconic images. We are grateful for his support in transforming the fantasy world into reality in this huge competition and social experiment, “said Brandon Reig, Netflix VP of Unscripted and Documentary Series. “Fans of the drama series are gearing up for a fascinating and unexpected journey as our 456 real-world competitors navigate the biggest competition series to date, filled with tension and twists, with the biggest cash prize at the end.”

Okay, okay, but I have more questions. Of course, I can’t think of any existing squid game game I found on the show that would translate into non-interesting versions for the game show.

We have:

Round 1: Red light, green light – I can’t imagine Netflix having the mechanical ability to accurately measure which of the 456 players are moving slightly and then immediately shoot them a paintball or something to get them out. Also, as in the show, no one will run away in panic.

Ferry 2: Dalgona / Popgi – Here you cut the shape of the cookies, which is a very prestigious squid game, and yet without fear of being shot, I’m not sure if this will be a really attractive TV.

Round 3: Tug of War – So the war of the veins where you just… if you lose you’ll fall into a pit of foam, I guess? Maybe the interesting part here is the strategies to get strong people in your team. But I mean, it’s basically a war. Not so thrilling.

Fourth round: Marbles – It was easily one of the best parts of the whole series, and the most fascinating game, again, is something that will be translated into a live TV series. I don’t think such a game will cut it.

Round 5: Glass tiles – So maybe that glass won’t break, but I don’t know, platform or something. But again, we just fall into the foam, and the main part of why this game went on the show is that they didn’t know what they were doing when it started, so obviously the previous ones had a big advantage and were completely ruined in front of them. In a real competition show it would not be remotely justified.

Final Round: Squid Game – I mean, for the last thing, are we going to see two finalists literally playing a squid game? Considering the relationship between the two leads while doing this work, another example of a steak that will not be translated.

So far, Netflix has not indicated what game the show will play and I think it will be primarily about beauty because you know they will have big doll girls and boys with iconic masks and stuff. But would it be more fun or interesting than saying Ninja Warrior or MXC? I really doubt it.

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