It’s May 4th! You know what that means – we should all fall into the terrible trap set by the world’s largest media megacorp and accept it as Star Wars Day, because May 4th will be with you and that’s all. And people say Valentine’s Day is a corporate ploy …!

But, you know, if there’s one thing that convinces us that Star Wars deserves to be declared a national holiday, it could be the video game history of the series – one that is inferior to most of Hollywood. Movies are set in this amazing and highly prestigious universe.

So, Team VG247 put their heads together and tried to decide on their top ten star wars game. It’s a tough choice, because there are so many good ones – probably more than any other licensed franchise in gaming history. But, here are our choices … Feel free to agree or disagree with the comments.

10. Super Star Wars Trology

This is a bit of a hoax, really; We don’t really include one of the classic Superstar Wars games, but the whole trilogy – three games based on three OT movies released in 1992, ’93 and ’94, respectively.

These three aren’t the most faithful reflection of the Star Wars series, especially by modern standards, but they are absolutely killer run-and-gun action platforms that are less than most licensed games of the time. SNES versions, in particular, will remain classics that exemplify a specific period of gaming tie-in – so this is a natural starting point for this list.

9. Star Wars Galaxy

Star Wars is a rare franchise that has the honor of being home to more than one large multiplayer game – and I’ve had plenty of time for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’ll always hold a candle to its less accessible, old-school sibling, Star Wars Galaxies.

Some of this is nostalgia, obviously. But it is a drug. And the original era of galaxies, before the infamous ‘NGE’ update, was a truly magical time in MMO history. It was also a very unique MMO at the time as it was the only big-budget game of its kind that lets you play in such a beloved universe through other media outlets.

The best days of the game, undeniably, were the oldest days where the Jedi were rare. This forced you to become a more ‘normal’ member of the Star Wars universe; It took a player almost six months to unlock a Force Sensitive character. Good old days – when having a lightsaber was rare and special!

8. Star Wars: Empire at War

Here’s what I have to say about Empire at War to justify its place on this list: Star Wars is a real-time strategy game from a group of minds behind Command and Conqueror. Truly a match made in heaven.

To be honest, Empire at War isn’t as good as C&C’s best excellence in it – but in the prequel it’s a powerful effort, a thrilling and expansive game to tell the story of the galaxy over a wide distance. And the original trilogy gives players the freedom to play as emperors and rebels (although the story, of course, focuses on the past). The setting means the game gets to play with both the prequel and the original trilogy technology and characters – giving some fun midqual explanations of how things evolved from one era to another.

The truth is that this game lacks room for some of its RTS rivals, but… it doesn’t matter much, because in this game, you are playing with the most prestigious sci-fi war machine ever built. This is the best fictional battle with action figures, live on PC. What’s not to love?

7. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)

You can only cosplay Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, as a Wilhelm Screaming Stormtrooper in every movie, before EA takes over the series and quickly changes the time-to-kill into a loot-box grinded battlefield clone. Both homes had a fantastic shooter and – get it! – Handheld console.

At the time, especially on the PSP, the wide battles of galactic conquest mode (where you fought both battles to gain resistance on the ground and in space or to gain control over the empire) were madly epic.

Then you had the campaign mode, which gave the huge-emotional scraps a bit more story and texture.

It was all a bit junk, of course, in that loving style of the PS2-era, but nothing more exciting than the short, anticlimactic text at the bottom of the screen: “You can now play as a mess window.”

6. Star Wars: Republic Commando

While writing this list, we noticed that the best Star Wars games are usually dominated by people from the original trilogy world – but if the prequel trilogy is shown by any entry, it is fortunate that it is a Republic Commando – a unique and solid experience that should be overlooked. .

Republic Commando is one after Hello Star Wars, which uses the Clone Wars setting in prequel movies to cast you as an Elite Special Ops unit in the Clone Army. With regular FPS battles, you have some control over your squad, which makes it look a bit like Halo by Rainbow Six.

There’s a lot to love about Republic Commando, from its amazingly powerful characters to its moody soundtracks and the joyful dedication to using the game’s HUD as a ‘universe’ pride, all the characters are helmeted. It’s great, and the best of the more FPS-focused Star Wars games.

5. Star Wars JD: Fallen Order

Every great Star Wars game needs one thing: Vibes.

And Star Wars JD: Fallen Order (like most games on this list, mind you), with its Woodwind-Heavy score, beautifully perceived atmosphere and perfect, nostalgic sound effects, passes the check flawlessly.

At the forefront of gameplay, let’s not split Bantha’s hair; The Fallen Order is a Dark Souls clone, meaning that almost every tough enemy can trap itself in any dirty and villain’s cave in the entire galaxy.

It’s a daring – and ultimately very satisfying – choice, but if being hit by a giant frog doesn’t fulfill your JD power idea, you can always get things done easily.

The storyline and original characters of Fallen Order lose some points because they are not as adventurous as the loop of gameplay, but there are plenty of Easter eggs and fan services, more collectibles than your local Disney store, and many memorable fights. And locations.

The real highlight is the super-hard bounty hunters who follow you after interfering with Empire’s plans several times and sing to you with flamethrowers and jet packs just like Boba Fat.

4. JD Night 2: JD Outcast

Bring Kyle Catherine back! This is the main thing we should say here; If any character from the ‘old’ Star Wars Canon deserves to be in the limelight as part of the Disney version of the universe, it’s Katron. Put it in Mandlorian! Give him his own show!

But, seriously – part of the reason why Katron is so fondly remembered is the quality of the adventure he took part in. At the time, JD Outcast was the perfect video game version of JD Fantasy; And while later games have highlighted that concept with an impressive physics system or incredible motion capture, it really does say that none of them came very close to the thrill of JD Knight 2.

On top of that, there is multiplayer. How many hours have we gone into a light-saber duel with a camera that can barely understand even an experienced player? Very, my friend. Lots.

3. Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

There are two reasons why Rogue Leader gets stuck in the heads of many who are eager to launch GameCube. The first is simple: it was an incredibly good looking game. It was hard to believe then that the game looked as ‘close’ as the movies. It was an amazing demonstration of the power of the GameCube.

However, beyond that, Rogue Squadron 2 was just … a very good Star Wars game. This is a different era, where it’s okay to release just a few hours of flight combat games with a handful of missions. This was the end of the golden age of the game – a great example by this title and Star Fox 64.

It has everything you need from the main Star Wars series – every major space war and moment of prestigious spacebound vehicles, as well as some extra missions woven into movie events. This is the pinnacle of this type of Star Wars game – there are many more. In fact, even his own sequel could not touch the pitch-perfect greatness of this game’s battles.

2. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

No matter what your favorite troll is, the extended world is a favorite of all of us, like the main series of Star Wars.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Core franchise all 9 episodes parody with the same loving, meme-hungry energy Lego has now done and perfected in many games and movies.

What’s really amazing here is the depth of the offer, the many unique mechanics for the characters and the set pieces that really capture the essence of the scene. Whether it’s pod-racing as the young Anakin, performing Jedi Mind Tricks in the role of Ben Kenobi, or swiping in to save the day, and Finn, Poe or Ray, if someone does something fun, cool or exciting throughout the series, it will happen. Somewhere here.

While unlocking all of the hundreds of characters is certainly enjoyable, it gives you the opportunity to explore an environment that is faithfully recreated by adding every familiar face and starship to your collection.

It’s slapstick and silly, but for fans of the new Star Wars it’s no excuse to sleep on this incredible collection that’s just as interesting as the old one.

1. Star Wars: Nights of the Old

There can be no question, right? Star Wars: Nights of the Old Republic is notable for a number of reasons, and any one of them would be reason enough to pop at the top of this list. You can talk about his historical place in gaming and how bioware was ‘made’ and for example, his descendants have many classic RPGs of all time. Even after the Disney-inspired ‘Legends Lore’ apocalypse, you can talk about the long shadow he cast on Star Wars Lore, with the characters and the world falling in love with the rest of the fans.

But, more than anything, it’s just a great game. It is a perfect convergence of elements that come together naturally. The JD can have many strengths that are appropriate for role-playing progress and combat, and a natural balance between light and dark side maps on a traditional role-playing alignment system.

The game I remember most fondly, however, was the one that really stimulated the movies without feeling overwhelmed. Many Star Wars games successfully express the spirit of movies, but many of them find it a bit frustrating to do so – like the glossy cover version of a classic pop song that was created on a royalty-free CD. Licensed Star Wars production. Combined with a whole bunch of familiar and new content from the ground-up to Universe Bioware, it feels like a Star Wars adventure that you can really own, instead of spin-off some video games wherever you are, either copying movies or just around the stage during their events. To play.

From the moment you sink deep into your dementia by attacking a ship, you really feel like you’re on a JD journey. The elements of KOTOR are now beginning to show their age, yet this is still the best Star Wars game – a testament to its brilliance.