The monstrous bosses of Diablo Immortal stand fiercely.

Image: Blizzard

Diablo Immortal The Internet is ablaze with controversy. Every gaming website under the sun knows how Subtle transactions destroy gameplay And how blizzards occur Fans cherish childhood memories Diablo. The game is currently Lowest user score on Metacritic. Yet more Diablo fans feel that this is not a game designed for them. And they can be right. Despite the mobile origin, Immortal Wax wings grew and PC gaming went very close to the sun. For those who had a snowball effect for years, it was considered unforgivable.

I understand. Earnings criticism is watered down, but the real reason why console gamers are so upset is not always likely to be the high cost. The truth is simple: a never-ending culture for the heart and soul of mobile gaming represents another front in the war. But I wonder if this is going to be a war?

Before being declared immortal, Diablo Fans can safely dismiss mobile games as “cash grabs” that will never affect the premium games they want to play. But ever since Blizzard announced the game would be over Diablo Experience has threatened these gamers with what they perceive as mobile encroachment on “legal” gaming. In fact, the game has raised a lot of concerns about blizzards The community manager had to give an explanation That Diablo IV There will be no “mobile-style earnings”.

But Blizzard was not enough to reassure fans. The press alsoImmortal Too bad. “On June 4, there was a fiery tweet from Twitch Streamer that hit reporters for saying that. Diablo Immortal That’s right- this is fun. I wasn’t surprised, because when I started writing about it, I had to face the same public animosity. Genshin effect. If a journalist is “very positive” about mobile games, a very vocal part of the gamer will condemn them as one. Gaming traitors and corporate shit. For these players, the rise of F2P gaming is a virus that needs to be stamped out. Especially before the big gaming “take over”.

Despite all the background noise (or maybe because of this), I felt compelled to download Diablo Immortal And play for a while. For reference: I never played Diablo Before the game Immortal. The setting seemed too over-the-top to suit my tastes and I wasn’t sure how to digest the value of three games at first. Diablo IV Came out. With so many games being released, I kept quiet Diablo Is one of the series I will never enter.

Diablo Immortal Holding my hand from the painful experience of coming to the all-time dear franchise 25 years too late. The device’s interface tells me which gear has the best stats and the footprints tell me exactly where to go. The quests were designed to make it easier for me to stop playing and then return to the game. Best of all, Immortal I don’t loredump as I am one Diablo All the fan stories were completely self-contained and the world feared less about it. Immortal I learned to love Diablo.

Like, I understand now. The villains may be monstrous monsters from hell, but their design is deadly. The voice acting is excellent, and I became attached to the side characters I met along the way. I’ve always had that idea Diablo Is an edgelord game, but Immortal Is full of heart. Each character in the game was willing to make intense personal sacrifices because they wanted to fight against the torment of innocent people in hell. What’s not to love about that?

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly Diablo Immortal Is 10 million downloads Despite 0.2 user score On metacritic. There is a big disconnect between the internet critics who think they are in charge of gaming and the real spectators who enjoy playing. Diablo As an F2P game. I’m not telling anyone here that they should enjoy Diablo Immortal. I have friends who can’t jail their brains against the live-service loop, just like my brain solves certain types of puzzles.

Screenshot of Diablo Immortal shows a large group of ghostly monsters attacking a warrior.

Screenshot: Blizzard / Kotaku

Part of the problem is how Blizzard marketed the game. To cover for Diablo IV Development will take more time, the studio announced Diablo Immortal Is a “fully developed Diablo Experience on mobile. ” Maybe a big mistake.

I didn’t write this blog until I was at least 60. I was shocked to hear my colleagues write about the game “too early” and I wanted to avoid that fate. But I was spending so much sleepy time ImmortalI didn’t want to rush the material to prove myself Diablo That’s when fans started thinking: maybe there’s something fundamentally wrong with how PCs and consoles use games.

In a PC or console game, the expectation is that you will have to spend a lot of hours in the game to become a god of death. This is not the way to play mobile games. If you feel any content Chronological Or locked behind Very low drop rateBecause you are expected to play this game Years, Not in the quick bursts between now and the next major AAA release. This means that “Wins “ Must be less frequent. It took me almost a year to build a good enough team Clear a big event in Archnights. I can’t imagine telling a “traditional” gamer that they would have to grind a year to clean up important stuff.

Of course, the gambling factor is a legitimate concern. Diablo Immortal Will not leave Because of their gambling rules in the Netherlands or Belgium. Whatever the haters may think of me Genshin Blog, I think federal governments should ban F2P games. At the very least, I don’t think kids should be allowed to swipe credit cards on micro transactions. But the problem is that most critics of F2P games don’t really understand the motivations of the community or mobile players. Console gamers are often reasonably annoyed by the ignorant gaming discussion in the national media, but even gaming outlets do not hold themselves to the same standards when it comes to mobile games. I have seen many examples of mobile gamers being discredited as “casual”. S almost all responded harshly Immortal Based on the defense of the voices of people who are likely to be exploited by the cost of the game, where is the sympathy for the mobile critics who claim to care?

There needs to be a lot of discussion about the more predatory aspects of mobile gaming. But this cannot happen entirely from the point of view of a lifetime essential group Diablo Fans are upset that their favorite franchise has reached another audience. Millions of people downloaded games because they wanted to, and protecting the most vulnerable people in their numbers is a laudable goal, which may not always be the real reason to shout.

Immortal Reactions had to be faced for the same reason The Western audience reacted strongly Genshin effect. It has a PC port and is high-quality enough to find a mobile-first look. But that doesn’t change the fact that these games were made for A. Very different gamer In mind. So PC and console players don’t have to feel threatened Immortal. The blizzard is trying to fish too big — already the mobile community Gaming represents the majority.