There is no shortage of upcoming Star Wars games right now. We already know about some exciting untitled projects from notable studios and veteran developers, including a revival of the much-talked-about classic, Knights of the Old Republic remake. But it certainly doesn’t stop there. With the announcement of various upcoming Star Wars games over the past year alone, the lineup looks set to offer us all sorts of different adventures set in the galaxy in 2022 and beyond. Most recently, The Star Wars Celebration event recently unveiled Star Wars JD: Survivor – The most talked about and highly anticipated sequel of 2019 Star Wars JD: Fallen Order.

Many Star Wars games have been teased and announced, it will be interesting to see if any of them will make another appearance in the meantime. E3 2022. When we know it EA Play will not take place this year As part of E3 2022 ScheduleThere are plenty of showcases out there that could show us some new Star Wars games from other studios and developers. So, if you are more than ready to take your Lightsaber out and plunge into a new adventure, read below to discover all the upcoming Star Wars games announced so far with their expected launch window and platform.

Star Wars: The Hunter

(Image credit: Shrimp)

Publication date: 2022
Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS