With many video games scheduled to be phased out in 2021 due to the epidemic, 2022 will provide a wealth of exciting new offers.

A crop of new games that have already been released this year or will be unveiled to gaming people in the coming months is coming soon.

Choosing some games to focus on can be difficult. But we can help reduce things a little bit. Below are the top five that should be on every gamer’s wish list right now.

1. Alden Ring

Image: From the software

After the huge success of Joe of dark lifeReleased from the software Alden Ring At the end of February 2022. Audiences are buzzing with anticipation of more fantasy-action role-playing.

To be Game of Thrones The contribution of narrative elements to the epic game by author George RR Martin was always a good sign. In this fantasy world, players fight dragons, wolves, soldiers and trolls!

Alden Ring is a free-world, interactive gaming experience to explore with singles or other players. The first five weeks of Alden Ring’s release sold over thirteen million copies.

2. Ragnarok, the god of war

Kratos, seen in the past God of war The game goes on an adventure in the world of Norse mythology.

Also won the Most Expected Game Award at the Game Awards 2020. It received similar accolades from PlayStation that same year. And this is a game that is truly famous.

The fact that he spent five years in development is proof of his attention to detail and craftsmanship.

God of Ragnarok War Each gamer should have their own list, with cinematic backdrops, heartbreaking action and immersive play.

The action centers had indicated the end of the coming days and the death of several other Norse Gods in the final installment of the previous installment.

3. Starfield

Starfield, A classic game, will be released later this year. The studio has not yet set a release date.

This epic role-playing game is from Bethesda, which is very successful and very popular Elder Scrolls The series is set – approximately! – In the year 2023.

Players must first design their Space Explorer before going into the stars to explore nearby solar systems; Depending on the gamer’s preference, a first or third-party approach can be chosen.

Starfield Focuses on two major groups: United Colonies and Freestar Collective, who are currently experiencing temporary peace after the end of the bloody, long war that ended two decades before the start of the game.

Starfield is already highly anticipated, and its teaser trailer suggests it could be an important sci-fi game.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Link to riding a horse in the breath of the Switch on Wild game
Image: Nintendo

For the owners of the Nintendo Switch this still unknown sequel is likely to be one of the most popular new releases of 2022. This is a follow-up to the previous installment of the 2017 series.

This was the strongest selling chapter in the previous game Zelda To date, the franchise has also garnered significant critical acclaim.

This is what the teasers and trailers that have been shown so far suggest Breath of the Wild 2 It will be as spectacular as its predecessor. Gamers can explore virtually every part of the game’s landscape designed with incredible details.

There are indications that the game may take a darker turn than the previous nineteen Zelda It will also feature installments and a new floating island landscape to find players.

5. Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot
Image: PlayStation

Expect amazing visuals with a high level of realism in this game which re-introduces the personality of the red haired dinosaur killer alloy… who is also a robot!

Released earlier this year, the game has already garnered many positive reviews and features a large map for players to explore and new underwater elements.

Continuing the story of Alloy, the last meeting took place Horizon zero dawnThis latest installment is set in the post-apocalyptic version of the Western United States, which is facing an extinction-level phenomenon.

The game is free-world, and players must complete quests as they encounter various enemy machine-type creatures.

Horizon Forbidden West Beautiful, wonderfully felt and has been hailed as rich in design and detail; It topped the best-selling video game charts recently.

Great gaming year

As listed above, 2022 will be a great year for spectacular, groundbreaking gaming. Any offer on this list will provide hours of entertainment and immersive, rich gameplay in a variety of worlds.

If you are already thinking about what your 2023 gaming will look like Victory songs, Heaps: Spice Wars, Achilles: Legend Untold, RedfallAnd Age of Darkness: The Last Stand All are likely to be on your wish list.

Any thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below or pass the discussion on to us Twitter Or Facebook.

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