Santa Monica Studio 2018 God of war Showed a whole new direction for the franchise, focusing not only on the new pantheon of gods or the role of Kratos as father, but also as a search for a different side of the god of war. The game was a serious and commercial success, with fans admiring its fascinating story, challenging battles, and amazing atmosphere. His pursuit, God of War: RagnarokThere will be a release sometime this year, and players can’t be more excited about continuing the Norse saga of Kratos and the climax.

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God of War: Ragnarok Introducing some new faces and deities that were just mentioned earlier God of war, Or at least can be identified from Norse mythology, to help cast the characters. One of these indivisible personalities is Tire, the god of Norse warfare, whom the players are eager to see, and whose huge heights have already impressed in the trailer. God of War: Ragnarok. However, the interesting thing is how the game will compare Kratos and Tire, the two gods of war, with very different perspectives, behaviors and values.

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Characteristics of Kratos

Kratos is a complex character with many changes God of war The franchise initially has a violent, mythical nature, the Spartan general eventually kills Ares to ascend to the title of god of war and also avenges it on the extended pantheon of the Olympians. The former God of war The games are much less subtle than even the most recent installment, especially since Kratos’s portrayal of him as brutal, bloodthirsty, and largely two-dimensional. Even though the Terrible Warriors chatted more in the pre-2018 game God of war His character is widely explored, mainly through his relationship with his young son Atreus.

Throughout the series, not only does Kratos’ personality change and evolve, but his role as the god of war also changes and evolves. Born in Greece as a Spartan, Kratos was once an honorable soldier. The loss of his wife led to his murderous attack and he denounced the gods and shaped his character and directed his subsequent actions. Kratos did not focus on the adopted role of the god of war, although he was a militarist in his view and helped Sparta to conquer Greece. He spends most of his time in his personal pursuit of revenge, taking on the role of deity in the deaths and sorrows of many of his family members as well as in the lives of others for their unspeakable deeds.

God of War: Ragnarok’s tire

If Kratos could be portrayed as his god of war, it would be for his violence and rage. Although his overall portrayal has more shades and intricate elements than his personality, these features dominate, especially in his early portraits. Players will have to wait to see how God of War: Ragnarok Norse will present a deity, Tire will undoubtedly be a very different kind of war god for Kratos. The previous game included a lot of mentions and stories of Tire as well as memories of his journey. However, the players believed he was dead, or had been imprisoned by Odin.

God of War: Ragnarok Players are eager to see what Tire will play in the upcoming championship and how he will help or thwart the growing tension between the Norse gods, Cratos and Atrius. In Norse mythology, Tyre is an unusual god of war, focusing more on the formalities of struggle than on actual fighting. He is the protector of the warriors, but for the most part he is peaceful and is concerned with treaties of justice, law and honor. He is considered to be the oldest and most trusted deity in the Norse pantheon, although he is not featured in cultural mythology.

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Tyr compares to Kratos

In addition to possibly establishing a thorny relationship between Tyr and Atreus (Loki) God of War: Ragnarok Due to the subsequent relationship between the monster wolf Fenner and the tire wolf who lost limbs in the jaws, Kratos automatically turns against the Norse god. Not only does Kratos have a negative view of the gods, but his violent approach to conflict is in direct opposition to how the tire works in Norse mythology. Tire is characterized by respect, fair play and his commitment to avoiding conflict if he can help. In contrast, Kratos is to kill the very first character, then ask questions.

Makes sense for God of War: Ragnarok To play on these opposing relationships, especially considering the opposition of Kratos to Ares in Greek-centric games. Kratos is not usually a good man at heart, and although he has made significant changes since the days of his Ares-killing, Tire does not seem to be in line with Kratos’ morals in terms of killing and fighting. Although there are many differences between the two, both are portrayed as brave and, in some cases, as heroes, and the role of the tire in Fenerbahce’s capture and binding shows that if he thinks he is for the better, he is able to behave a little more secretly. Kratos also has to make some tough decisions and sacrifices to achieve his goal.

There are some missing plot threads God of War: Ragnarok It also needs to be addressed with plenty of new story elements to explore. Things are definitely coming to a head in the Kratos and Norse gods, and Tyr’s appearance will definitely move things too. Some players think that Tire will play a significant role, especially if he could play the role of Kratos in the mural depiction of Atrius dying on his lap. God of war Norse has already played fast and loose with mythology, so it’s hard to guess where God of War: RagnarokThe story goes on, but hopefully the players will get an answer much sooner.

God of War: Ragnarok Will be released in 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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