A throwway line of dialogue from Dr. Hughes David Tennant’s time reveals a major shift on the gallifre – and the classic series.

Who is the doctor? Time Warp hinted at major changes to the gallifre – and subtly referred to the plans released for the classic series companion Ace. It’s easy to forget that time was not part of the Lord’s original plan Who is the doctor?. The dialogue in the very first story, “An Unborn Child,” deports the doctor and his granddaughter Susan, drifts away from their own people, and tries desperately to find their way home; It wasn’t until 1969’s “The War Games” that Time Lords made its debut.

Gallifrey’s Time Lord Homeworld was not discovered until 1976’s “The Deadly Assassin”, a milestone in the show’s history. Is one of the most unusual stories in history Who is the doctor?, The only reason is that there is no companion in the doctor; When Sarah Jane Smith was summoned to return home, the doctors threw her to the ground because she had been forbidden to take Galifre with her. The story explains much of Gallifre’s culture, technology and even beauty.

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Russell T. Davis brought Sarah Jane Smith back to the story “School Reunion” in 2006. It was an emotional episode, especially for fans of the classic series who enjoyed watching it Who is the doctor? Back, but also powerful for the moment when the doctors had to face the consequences of Sarah Jane leaving. “Am i wrongShe asked.Because you didn’t come back for me. You just threw me.“It’s a reasonable criticism – doctors treat their peers very badly – and it shakes doctors.”I told you,“He defended himself.”I was called back home and people were not allowed that day.“The exact wording is interesting;”At that time“Humans weren’t allowed, doctors reported, inadvertently changing things.

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Oddly enough, it was part of a specific change plan Who is the doctor? Season 27. Mark Platt wanted to write a story called “Ice Time” in which the Doctor confronts the Ice Warriors in 1960’s London, and the story would have ended with the revelation of his intentions for his then companion S; She wanted to enroll in the Prideonian Academy in Gallifre, she was the first such human being. Canceled by the BBC Who is the doctor? In 1989, however, and season 27 was never done; Although the original storyline was included in the Big Finnish audio-drama, Platt was in the very early stages of scripting. Thin ice.

Russell T. Davis took care not to overdo the consistency and Easter eggs; He wants Who is the doctor? To reach new as well as old viewers. Even so, his love of the classic series was reflected in Toby Whitehouse’s “School Reunion”. This is especially true in this throwway line of communication, which includes subtle long-forgotten Who is the doctor? Ideas back in the story of the show.

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