On paper, the War of Wonderland should not work. Mixing Wargames with Alice in Wonderland? It doesn’t make sense. Equally troubling is the fact that board games based on these stories are not so common. Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland books are the mainstay of the fantasy, but they are strangely absent in the gaming canon. It seems reasonable to assume that this is because the central idea of ​​their literal stupidity and terminology is not well translated into mathematical mechanics.

But it is very interesting to completely ignore the designers. So now we have a new competitor in Wonderland War’s Outsized Square Box, a crazy-eyed Cheshire cat on the lid. Is it right to go under the rabbit hole?

What is it and how does it work?

The art of war in Wonderland is fairly bizarre (Image Credit: Future / Matt Thrower)

Required information

– Game type: Wargame
– Players: 2 – 5
– Difficulty: Medium
– Lasts: 45 min
– Age: 13+
– Price: 50 / £ 64.99
– Play if you enjoy: Original