Wordle screenshot
Seductive simplicity… Wordle. Photo: powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle

This clever, shareable word game was a great story for the early part of the year, as mysterious color-block emojis spread through social feeds and half the planet was attracted to guess the word of the day. The world frenzy may have subsided a bit since the New York Times took over, but it will still be a definite 2022 game.

What we said: “Simplicity is the attraction. One World is released daily and is the same for everyone around the world. No ads, no flashy notices asking you to come back every morning, no new skins … The definition of many video games today is fresh, flawless quality as the game rejects capitalist systems. Let the world be so pure. ” Read the full review.

Alden Ring

Alden Ring Video Game ScreenGrab
Spectacular… Elden Ring. Photo: Bandai Entertainment

A spectacular and obscure action-fantasy game by one of the great game directors working today, Hidetaka Miyazaki and a seemingly unforgivable developer from FromSoftware. This is a world where you never know what you will find, where you will be defeated in 50 different ways but always want to come back to find out more.

What we said: “Video games can be all sorts of different things, representing all kinds of artistic ambitions. Most, however, share a common goal: fascinating fictional reality, hinting secrets, enchanting secrets, and enriching opportunities for competition and collaboration. Their goal is to provide a limited space in which a certain player can fix a break, order what is messy. By definition, Alden Ring is by far the best video game ever. ” Read the full review.

Olioli Jag

OlliOlli World Video Game ScreenGrab
Quiet Vibes… Olioli World. Photo: Roll 7

Skateboarding game with chill vibes, a flawless cool soundtrack and the right alternative art style. You create a cute little skater, customize your board and pull it out of an unrealistic, dreamy landscape, grind on a rail and wall-riding on a billboard held by giant bees, each small, tightly designed, trying to twist you as much as possible. Level

What we said: “From its free-spirited counter-culture taste to its flamboyant beauty, this is the equivalent gaming of Brighton’s Weekend Trip: an interactive experience for those who can’t actually skateboard but still religiously buy a new pair of vans.” Read the full review.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot, video game
Exploit … Horizon Forbidden West. Photo: Guerrilla / Sony

It’s a terribly big game, but exploring the post-apocalyptic US with red-haired warrior alloys is worryingly exploitative. Frightening robots meet the threat of dinosaurs and fighting tribes, and it’s more fun to fight them in the game you’ve got – but this is the world, with its enchanting treasures and amazing scenes and unusual characters, which provide intrigue. Even after 50 hours of immersion in the game, you will never get tired of seeing how incredible it looks.

What we said: “When I was in this world, Horizon gave me the most joy of whatever path I could find. I wasted hours trying to get random artefacts from old train stations or crashed planes and scraping the scary mechanical creatures that roam there. ” Read the full review.

Pokemon Legend: Arceus

Pokemon Legend: Arceus
Feelings of surprise … Pokemon Legend: Arcius. Photo: Nintendo

The first real shake-up of the approximately 25-year-old Pokमmon formula, Arceus has played you as a researcher rather than a warrior, traveling back in time to help compile the first Pokédex, Pokémon encyclopedia. It may seem like a sub-genre, but it has the power to rekindle the great millennials as you explore the forests and amaze the imaginary creatures that live there.

What we said: Twenty-seven years after I caught my first Pokemon, the franchise is new again, and that sense of excitement has returned. ” Read the full review.

Total War: Warhammer III

Total War Warhammer 3 screengrab, video game
Gripping… Total Warhammer 3. Photo: Creative Assembly, Ferral Interactive

The end of the grand, operative fantasy war game trilogy, in this massive, high-stack strategy game, eight groups of glorious overrooted demons, dwarves, undead, and ogres wage (and claim) epic battles and sieges to build and secure their empire to supernatural demonic forces. , Of course). A fantastically generous sandbox to play for Warhammer fans.

What we said: “The real trick of Warhammer is that he always stays on the tongue about his own extremist things and yet builds the world with honest ideas, and Creative Assembly completes the trilogy with his most compelling – and most fun – writing.” Read the full review.


Tunic video game screenshot
Mystery… tunic. Photo: Finji

Instead of turning to Google for instant answers, remembering the days when you had to go to the game manual, Tunic is an enigmatic and very clever adventure game inspired by old school Zelda. Her abandoned temples and dungeons are filled with mysterious puzzles and creatures that engage your imagination as well as your brain and reflexes. That’s pretty cute too.

What we said: “Playing a game feels like a luxury that doesn’t constantly push you toward the next goal and instead gives you a chance to daydream.” Read the full review.

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports screenshot - chambara fencing
Accessible intend Nintendo Switch Sports. Photo: Nintendo

Compete with friends and family – or online strangers – in tennis, bowling, fencing, badminton, football and volleyball in this welcome and fun sport. Its speed controls are fun and anyone can pick up and play but not without skill. This game is completely riotous, especially for young children.

What we said: “None of these games alone are enough to sustain the game, but collectively, and Nintendo’s captivating and agile aesthetics and brain-influencing music, they’re a good time-maker,” read the full review.

Gran Turismo7

GT7 Nissan GT-R GT500 '99 (PENNZOIL Nismo) Deep Forest Raceway 05 Gran Turismo 7 Game ScreenGrab
Trademark eccentricity… Gran Turismo7. Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment

This stubborn racing simulation is the ultimate realistic video game driving experience, as well as capturing its trademark eccentricity. If you want to know what it feels like to race in the Nürburgring 24-hour circuit in torrential rain at night, GT7 will allow you. If you want to collect cars rendered in cracked details, you can do that too (although there are still some issues in the game economy that need to be ironed out). Maximum tribute to car culture.

What we said: “It is reassuring to know that despite the increasing number of technical refinements, the unique, extraordinary character of Gran Turismo remains undiminished. It’s in grab-bag mission mode, which makes it easy to see that racing in a 17-brake horsepower Fiat 500s can be just as exciting as a race in a car 50 times faster. ” Read the full review.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - Screenshot_3
Family friendly गो Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Photo: TT Games

A family-friendly pleasure that takes players from all major Star Wars movies into an unfamiliar slapstick style, feasting on jokes and collectibles, and everything that young Star Wars fans (or their parents) would possibly want. The in-game Lego models are also astounding – it’s amazing to see how much the evolving technology has increased the range of these more than one game.

What we said: “These games have always tried to fantasize about our favorite family movie franchises because we choose to remember them, away from all the boring, fun and problematic things. My God, even The Phantom Menace is tolerable here. ” Read the full review.

Citizen sleeper

Screenshot from Citizen Sleeper, Adventure Games, 2022
Thoughtful… Citizen Sleeper. Photo: Fellow traveler

You’re running a corporate-owned Android, living on a dilapidated space station, and trying to live your days in peace. A thought-provoking game, presented mainly through expressive text and pictures, is a slower, more cerebral experience than the usual action-heavy sci-fi, and it explores its humanity and technology themes creatively and sensitively.

What we said: “The characters are so literally and figuratively drawn that it’s tempting to spend as much time in their orbit as you can.” Read the full review.


NORCO screengrab, video game
Part caricature, part of sick society चित्र NORCO. Photo: Geography of Robots

A recent high point in video game storytelling, NORCO is an intelligent, enlightening portrait of a community and a city on the verge of collapse, based on its developers’ growing experience in the refinery town of Narco, Louisiana. Styled as a point-and-click adventure with detailed, interesting pixel art, it’s quirky and fun and cutting and always well written. A memorable piece of environmentalist and social commentary, some part satire and some picture of a sick society.