Screen Rent features a special clip from EPIX’s Billy the Kid, episode 7 of “At the House”, in which Billy is torn between two rivals.

Screen rent Glad to present a special glimpse From Billy the Kid Episode 7, which airs on June 12 on EPIX. In “At the House,” Billy travels to Lincoln County to join the gang. He is working for Lincoln’s most powerful boss, Major Murphy, who wants to get rid of his new rival, John Tonstall. And so, Billy finds himself torn between two rivals.

Billy the Kid William H. An epic romantic adventure series based on Bonnie’s life premiered on April 24. The young Irish boy grew up as a cowboy and gunslinger, playing a key role in the 1878 Lincoln County War. This historical fictional aspect of the series is perfect for producer and shorner Michael Hurst, who is already famous. To bring some dramatic period in life Vikings And Tudor.

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Exclusive Billy the Kid The clip, provided by EPIX, breaks the temporary and stressful meeting between Billy (Tom Blyth, who was recently cast in Coriolanus Snow Inn) The game of hunger Predecessor, Ballads of songbirds and snakes) And Charlie (Horatio James). When Billy tries to talk to Mr. Tonstall, he realizes that only his lawyer is available to give an account of what’s going on in the area. Watch the full clip below:

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As expected from an episode coming out the week before the finals, Charlie fears a war in Lincoln, with Murphy and Turnstall at odds. While Billy is still working for Murphy, it is enough to warn him of the dangerous people around him in the coming battle. For now, he agrees to a friendly visit despite the two sides – but the foreshadowed music indicates that he will not be able to stay in any man’s country for long.

Blyth has joined the cast Billy the Kid By Daniel Weber (Get rid of Pretoria), Who plays illegal and gang leader Jesse Evans. The series also features Eileen O’Higgins (Irregular(Kathleen McCarthy, Shawn Owen Roberts)A brand new cherry flavorBob Olinger, Dakota Dolby (100).

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Billy the Kid Season 1, episode 7 will air on EPIX on Sunday, June 12 at 9pm ET.

Source: EPIX

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