Feral Interactive has announced a new update for Total War: MEDIEVAL II is now available to install on iOS and Android.

Update 1.3 brings many requested quality features of life, including screen rotation for devices with a camera notch, as well as the ability to hide the battle interface using two-finger taps. The update adds more precision to combat touch gestures by allowing finger-point control on the mobile screen. AI groups have also made significant cuts to the time taken on the last turns, enabling faster campaign gameplay for running players.

Features / quality of life

  • Improved end turn speed
  • Added screen rotation support for devices with camera notch, allowing users to rotate their phone and play in landscape orientation
  • While adjusting the formation with two fingers, players can now pick up one finger for easy control after triggering the action
  • Taping with two fingers during battle now hides the UI
  • “process_rq” Adds a console command, which triggers the completion of outstanding recruitment.
  • The losing group now unlocks quickly without relaunching the game
  • A new button has been added to the Help and Support section of the main menu that links to YouTube playlists of tutorial videos.
  • Clicking on a dead group member on the Family Tree panel now reveals the details of their death
  • Added further instructions on positioning mode in the Battle of Hastings tutorial
  • Tap and hold non-player character / army Now the Character Details panel opens
  • Unit upgrades are now displayed on the recruitment panel
  • During battles, tapping the unit status display now selects that unit

Crash fixing

When contacting customer support from the Help and Support menu, the following files are now automatically attached to the email:

  • The last Manual save
  • The two most recent Self saving
  • The Player preference file
  • The Crash log (When available)

Other crash fixes applied in today’s build:

  • Fix a crash that occurs when a rival group starts a fight by double-tapping the screen
  • Fixed a handful of crashes that might occur while loading Save Games
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while moving the unit on walls damaged during the war
  • Fixed a handful of high-frequency crashes
  • Fixed a crash that might occur while viewing the Agents tab in the Function Summary
  • Resolved a crash that might have occurred while playing as Portugal
  • Fixed a crash that might occur while reducing the game
  • Fixed a soft lock that could occur when tapping your group’s treasury balance
  • (Android only) Settlement Details Fixed a crash that might occur when opening the screen
  • Fixed a crash that might occur when tapping campaign map to close the console (iOS only)

Graphics and artwork

  • Increased and improved the visual fidelity of the portrait in the character retinue

Fix common faults

  • Building Browser no longer displays restricted buildings of other settlement types
  • (IOS only) When contacting customer support via a crash report prompt, the latest save game is now automatically attached to the automatically generated email.
  • Solved the problem of ships getting stuck on the ground
  • Added visual feedback to indicate when the end turn button will be pressed on the campaign map
  • Fixed an issue in a settlement with a race track where the race frequency counter would display incorrect details
  • When using the mouse and keyboard, double-click commands are now properly recognized
  • Solve a problem where the intelligence gathered on a non-player army will not always be displayed while watching the army
  • Fixed an issue where new routes would fail to override the unit’s previous multi-turn path