The clock is ticking. We get close to one of our favorite seasons of the year.

Summer? Well yes. To fall Of course, and close to the “season” I’m talking about.

We are very close to the true beginning of the season I am talking about. Participants will begin preparations with a fall drill in just one week. We’re talking football, of course.

And anyone involved with the great game is getting very close to the start of this season. Games at all levels start soon.

Cowboy football is now just twelve weeks away from their 2022 opener, and War Memorial Stadium will welcome its first cowboy home crowd in just thirteen weeks.

Anyone who has played a cowboy football game at War Memorial Stadium will tell you. Anyone who has sat on the stand and experienced Cowboy Football LIVE! And personally, it will certify.

They will tell you that cowboy football at War Memorial Stadium is different. They will tell you that cowboy football at War Memorial Stadium is special, it’s a unique, kind of experience.

And like other football venues in the US, if you add a big crowd, now you have something special. The players and the game itself are the “stars” of the show. They are the attraction, which attracts the fans. And fans become a part of the scenes and voices that make up the overall experience.

The Cowboys will play their first home game on September 3 at the War Memorial Stadiumrd. Pox will face Tulsa, and no doubt, a large crowd is expected. The big crowd at home is always the goal and it is true for all teams in all sports.

Any participant will tell you that the person participating from the fan is directly affected by the supporting energy. The positive energy and intensity that is transmitted is really one thing, it is real. And the more the merrier.

And reminded me. It reminded me of some great Wyoming games played in front of a large Wyoming crowd.

We recently remembered the game of cowboy basketball in front of the largest crowd in the history of the arena-auditorium. The Cowboys won the game and the 2002 Mountain West Conference Championship.

So what about cowboy football? What happened in front of Wyoming’s largest crowd at War Memorial Stadium?

I am very fortunate to participate in eight of Wyoming’s most-attended home games, including the last five Pox sales at War Memorial Stadium.

I was broadcasting the game from the Wyoming radio network booth, the windows were open and the crowd was participating. And which big-crowd game of war was the first game I thought of?

This was not the 1997 CSU game, with Larami having the largest crowd of 34,745. It was not a BYU game in 1990, with a second-highest attendance of 34,231.

And it wasn’t even 3rd– The biggest crowd at the War Memorial Stadium for the 2011 Nebraska game came to mind. It was the last selling crowd with 32,617 crowds for the War Cowboy game.

Maybe this top-three all-time attending game didn’t hit me first because the Cowboys lost all three. In fact, Wyoming has lost 6 of its 8 most-attended home games ever.

The game that Pox played in 1988, before 32,210 active and intense cowboy football fans, was the first big-crowded, big game for me. And the Cowboys won. This War Memorial Stadium was a record crowd, and is still the fourth best crowd in the house.

And there were a lot of other things going on that made this a very big game. The Cowboys played UTEP Minors that Saturday afternoon in November, in a game that aired nationally.

The Pox defeated their arch-rivals, the state of Colorado, 9-0 in the foot. Collins, a week ago.

The Cowboys were 10thTh The game is on in the country, and Wyoming’s victory will give the Cowboys the title of Western Athletic Conference for the second time in a row. It was 42 degrees and sunny with a wind speed of 20 miles per hour.

And in front of that record crowd was the Cowboys, who won 51-6.

The Cowboys recorded a total of 507 yards of offense that day. Hall of Famer, Randy Welnick, threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for another.

Debbie Dawson picked up the ball 16 times for 134 yards and Sean Fleming scored 3 field goals, a 52-yarder. And the Cowboys defense stopped the UTEP running game from running at minus-60 yards on 20 attempts. That’s minus 3 yards per carry!

It was the largest crowd for the Cowboys victory in the history of the War Memorial Stadium and remains so for almost 34 years. And this year’s UW Athletics Hall of Fame included the 1988 Cowboys, who did it.