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War games are very popular because they give players a unique experience in the shooting style. Especially when they take them back to previous events. For example World War 1 has hosted many great games, we will show you 15 of them.

# 15 Commander the Great War

Commander The Great War is very straightforward in its purpose and gameplay. The main thing is that they put you in the role of commander in the set of five grand campaigns of the first world war. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

You will find yourself in a hex-based map, you need to make the best decision possible no matter what the situation. In addition, you will need to upgrade your units over time so that they can overcome the major obstacles they face.

The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, and as the campaign becomes more and more challenging, you will see how good or bad you are as a commander.

# 14 Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game

We want to give a special shout out to the team behind this game, because it was a modern team! They used the Paradox engine to create their own titles with amazing room.

In Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game, you can play from World War I to the Cold War, test how many “black hours” humanity has had to endure over the years, and test your skills as a result. Against all kinds of threats over the years. The AI ​​is designed to ensure that the reaction to every movement you make, whether grand or small, will determine what they do next.

There are 10 different sized campaigns for you to have fun with, so see what makes this mod game shine.

# 13 Brave Heart: The Great War

Valiant Hearts is a very different type of WWI game that we have already shown you.

Primarily Valiant Hearts puts you in a comic-style adventure game in which you can play a variety of roles in a solo campaign in WWI to reunite a German soldier with his love. But since this is a war, nothing is as simple as it seems, and you will learn how hard the tragedy of war really is.

The game features action, stealth and an in-depth storyline in which you can do whatever you can to save these characters and at the same time experience the effects of war.

As we said, this is a very different game, but it makes it very special.

# 12 Call of Chithulhu: Lost land

I’ll admit, I didn’t expect to talk about Chathulhu today… but here we are!

Call of Duty: Wasteland is a game set in WWI. You play as a team of investigators who are tasked with finding out what’s going on, and soon realize that Chathulhu himself is trying to plan for the world. Not a good thing if you know who Chatulhu is.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Again, this is not the easiest thing to do.

But if you want to try out Cthulhu RPG, this is definitely the game for you!

# 11 To end all wars

Two and All Wars is a very large strategy game that will allow you to truly experience the first world war that few games can.

For example, there are over 1600 historical leaders to choose from in this game alone, each rated according to their abilities, and over 900 different types of units, from infantry, cavalry and artillery to aircraft and warships! There are so many options!

What’s more, you’ll be able to select any group (and subdivision) trying to win the war, as well as experience amazingly detailed maps featuring all the territories that soldiers fought in World War II.

So if you want to see how grand and detailed the Strategy War game can be, Two and All War will be a great start.

# 10 Sprocket

Here is a title for those who want to fight a war in a very different way. Basically, instead of just choosing one unit and going with it, you have to create your own unit. In this case, you can build your own tank.

Yes, Sprocket gives you the opportunity to make your own custom tank and make it the way you want it, even if it looks weird or unusual.

And frankly, the depth of this customization is huge, as you will design literally every aspect of the tank so that it meets your specifications.

So, when you’re done? You can test it in the conditions set in WWI and 2 as you develop tank technology for a better ride.

# 9 Victoria II

If you want a title that doesn’t just focus on World War II, Victoria II is a must try.

Because in Victoria II, you will play the role of the leader of a nation that is growing up in the colonial age of the world and who should guide your people through good times and bad. You start in the 19th century and end things just before World War II.

Therefore, your choices throughout the year are going to have a huge impact on what happens to the people around you and the world. Will you be a generous leader who really goes and does what is good for the people?

Or will the world fear you because you are a tyrant? Go into the game and find out.

# 8 Toy soldiers

I want the thrill of a war game but without seeing things so … realistic? Then you need to check out Toy Soldier. Because in this game, you’ll play as a group of literal toys from the WWI era and try to pick them up on the toy battlefield you’re on.

What’s more, you can command them in a variety of ways, including doing them from a height or playing “on their level” to see things through their eyes.

What’s more, you will not only play as a soldier, but as a tank, an airplane, and so on. Get a remastered version, including improved visuals and DLC for free, and see what Toy War looks like and how it plays out.

# 7 NecroVisionN

So, what is worse than war? What about a war in which there are really monsters? NecroVisioN puts you in the role of a soldier who puts his entire unit in the trenches of a place where there are actually monster inhabitants.

It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

You may be using real weapons of that era, some magic artifacts and some vampire power to boot. Clearly they are going for a wide range of capabilities here.

So load and fight the darkness in necrovision.

# 6 Verdun

Based on the infamous Battle of 1916, Verdun gives another twist to WWI gameplay.

In this case, they make the game really accurate from top to bottom, so you can’t just point and shoot to hit, you really have to aim and shoot the weapon to complete things.

What’s more, you won’t play with it, as many of the mods in Verdun have multiplayer components that will test you out. Includes 64-player mode that will really leave you wanting to be the last person.

Add it to the various other modes, lots of places to play and much more and you can see why Verdun is so special.

# 5 Tannenberg

What is that Do you want more of what Warden had to offer? Well then, check out this second game in that line of titles, Tannenberg.

Tannenberg plays very much like Verdun, only with different settings. Including being able to play as different groups on large maps that affect how multiplayer gameplay goes.

The maps are wide and very open and you have to deal with WWI soldiers climbing in and out of the trenches as well as things like gas grenades. Sometimes with up to 64 players in the game, you will have a hard time figuring it out. Ensuring that skill is the most important element of the title.

# 4 Battlefield 1

The Battlefield series doesn’t always have the best games (त्यांच्या as their recent release shows), but sometimes they do bring a spectacle of spectacle and battle, and Battlefield 1 is another example.

In the game you will be fighting great battles from different places and perspectives. One time you will be fighting in French cities and another time you will be trying to do a mission there in the Alps. The atmosphere, due to their powerful engines, is constantly changing and evolving, and thus, we must evolve with it.

Once you understand the story, you too can go into multiplayer mode and see if you can outperform other gamers in the various modes of testing your skills.

# 3 Battle of Empires 1914-1918

Battle of Empires 1914-1918 I know exactly what I want, though not the name on the tongue. An RTS title that takes you through some of the biggest and bloodiest battles / campaigns in the Great War, and how you feel about winning armies during that period.

In the six different missions you can take part in, you will find all kinds of battles. From basic army battles, to tank battles, to airplanes, and more. You can also choose to play it yourself or collaborate with a friend for a better chance of winning.

And naturally, there’s also a multiplayer component, which ensures more longevity for the title.

# 2 Rise of Flight: The Great Air War

Most people forget that World War I was really a war that brought aerial battles to the playground. Admittedly, this was not the most advanced war around, and those who flew had to do some amazingly basic things so that they would not be killed by their own crew (see: Wear brightly colored scarves).

But, Rise of Flight: The Great Air War shows you that it was really a thrill to fly this plane and now, you get to experience it in a very authentic title. Equally important, there are many ways to control the aircraft to get you to the better.

The game has over 40 aircraft and each was painstakingly created to recreate the original blueprint of the craft. So go into the cockpit and see how it feels to fly.

# 1 Iron Harvest

What is that Are we ending this list with an alternative future game set after World War I? … And your point is?

See, Iron Harvest is indeed set after the Great War, but that’s part of the point. This is the version of the world where the war ended one way and as a result, we got steampunk make that you can pilot and do real damage to the battlefield.

What’s more, even if one war is over, another is about to begin, and you will need this make-up on your side to get out of the darkness that is coming.

So ignore the “historical accuracy” of things for a while and just enjoy the Iron Harvest!