Greek mythology is one of the most recognizable myths in human history. Whether it’s a live-action television series or an animated children’s film, it has been consistently adapted to all types of media. It’s just a natural video game that will cover the long history of Zeus and other iconic Greek deities.

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There are two most famous video games based on Greek mythology God of war Series and Underworld. Despite God of war And Underworld Both are exploring complex Greek mythology, both offering completely different perspectives. While Underworld Zagreus strives to befriend every god, God of War Kratos tries to kill them, with very different results.

10 Ares lives up to his role in both series

In most Olympian Greek deities Underworld Zagreys tries to support him as he tries to escape from the procedurally created underworld. Zagreus gives everyone a “gift” that will give him extra powers, and Ares is one of those useful deities. Ares is useful in Underworld, He is still filled with the lust for the blood of the god of war. Zagreus can improve his bond with Ares by killing more than 10,000 enemies.

Ares acts as the original opponent God of war. Cratos pursues Ares to avenge his role in the death of Cratos’ family. Using the blade of Gods given to him by Athena, Kratos is finally able to kill Ares. With the death of Ares, Kratos accepted the role of god of war.

9 Poseidon tried to divert the tide

In Underworld, Poseidon lives up to his role of God of the Seas and gives Zagreus water-based abilities to repel enemies. Poseidon also has a passion for fishing, which will be essential to his relationship with Zegrais.

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Poseidon initially helped Cratos chase Ares, but Zeus betrayed Cratos. God of World War II, Kratos demanded complete revenge. Poseidon was Kratos’ first victim in the epic opening of God of War III. Kratos defeated Poseidon by removing the eyes of the ruler of the sea before breaking his neck.

8 Zagreus and Kratos gain momentum from Hermes in very different ways

Speed ​​is the name of the game Hermes, the angel of the gods. In Underworld, Hermes’s boon Zagreus offers speed-based abilities, such as fast running and extra dash. Hermes gifts have some important capabilities Underworld.

In GoWIII, Hermes appears several times to taunt Kratos. Unable to catch Hermes, Cratos uses his cunning to seriously injure her using a boulder in a catapult to catch Hermes and throw him into a corner. Kratos used his blades of chaos to cut off Hermes’ boots, which Kratos would use for the rest of the game.

7 Athena is an ally for both Zagreus and Kratos

Athena is the first Olympian god to meet Zagreus on his escape from the underworld. Athena, the goddess of intellect, gives Zegreas a boon that will prevent Zegreus from attacking, which is significant for the number of projectiles and traps approaching him throughout the underworld.

Athena played a very similar role in God of war. Athena helped Cratos pursue Ares as well as Zeus. But before Zeus is killed by the blade of Cratos Olympus GoWII, Athena chose to protect Zeus and instead killed her inadvertently. Athena has been helping Kratos since later in life GoWIIIBut her efforts to persuade Cratos not to give mankind the power of hope failed.

6 Thanatos is both a love-interest and an adversary

Thanatos, the god of death, plays a different role than the Olympian gods in Underworld. Thanatos will appear randomly when Zagreus enters a room and treats him to a friendly contest over who can kill the most enemies. Thanatos is one of the three characters in which Zagreus can form a relationship Underworld.

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In God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Thanatos acts as the opponent and the ultimate boss. Thanatos imprisoned Demos, Kratos’ former unknown brother, because the gods believed he was the “marked warrior” in the myth that defeated Olympus. After a fierce battle, which involves the transformation of Thanatos into a giant beast and the death of Demos, Kratos stabs the wounded Thanatos to death with a blade of chaos on his open chest.

5 Megara serves as the boss in both series

Megaera, one of the three Furies, serves as the first boss Underworld. At the end of the first zone, Tartarus faces Zagreus or one of his two sisters, Alecto and Tisiphon. Like Thanatos, Megaera is one of the three characters with whom Zagreus can form a relationship.

Megaera is the main opponent God of War: AscensionWhich occurs before the original God of war. Kratos tries to kill every Furious so that he can break the contract with Ares and allow him to take revenge. Megaera is the first murder of Fury Sister Kratos AscensionAnd like many gods, Megaera fell into the Blades of Chaos of Kratos after the battle of the epic boss.

4 Elekto plays a central role in the God of War: Ascension

While Megaera likes Zegrais and is willing to separate her job from her personal life, Electo does not. The idea of ​​assassinating Electola Zegrais, a ruthless and confident member of the Fury, is utterly despised.

Megara plays a central role UnderworldIt is Alecto that is in the center God of War: Ascension, Acting as the primary opponent of that game. In the final battle of the boss, Kratos fights Alecto and Tisiphone at the same time. While the Tisiphone disguises the atmosphere, the electo assumes the form of a kraken. Kratos defeats this Kraken form, breaks the neck of the Tisiphon, and finally attacks the wounded Electo.

3 Zeus is the primary adversary of the god of war

Zeus, the king of the gods and the god of the sky, plays an equal role with the other Olympian gods. Underworld By giving Zagreus a power-based boon, allowing him to kill multiple enemies at once.

In God of war, Zeus was originally a friend of Cratos before he betrayed him and became the main opponent of Cratos’ Greek myth. After the deaths of both Athena and Kratos in their first fight, the bitter father and son duo fought one last fight. GoWIII In the multi-stage final boss battle. Cratos used the power of hope to defeat Zeus and lead him to death, first of all.

2 Her marriage to Persephone Heads deals differently

Persephone is the queen of the underworld, the wife of Hades and the mother of Zagreus. Before the events of UnderworldPersephone himself escapes from the underworld and, upon learning of his mother’s existence, Zagres tries to leave the underworld to meet her.

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Persephone acts as an antagonist God of War: The Chain of Olympus. Persephone initially sees Kratos as a help and promises to reunite him with his daughter in Elisium Fields. Once there, Persephone reveals that she wants to end the world because of her forced marriage to Hades and her growing indifference to herself and the world. Kratos, who was forced to choose between his daughter and the world, decided to stop Persephone’s plan. After a fierce battle, Kratos uses the light emitted from the helios before completing it with Zeus’s Gauntlet to weaken Persephone.

1 Both series have a fight between Heads and Epic Boss

This would have been very strange for a game with a title Underworld Not to mention the king of the underworld. Zagreus’ father, Hades, manages the ins and outs of the underworld. Heads will not stop to keep Zagres in the underworld, even if he has to kill Zagres himself.

In God of war, Hades initially helps Kratos on his journey to kill Ares, but after Zeus betrays Kratos, Hades also fails to stop Kratos. After killing Poseidon, Kratos chases Hades into the underworld. Hades, not forgetting that Kratos killed his wife, tried to steal Kratos’ soul using his claws of Hades. Kratos eventually turns Hades’ own weapon against him and steals Hades’ own soul, grabs Hades’ paw and kills the King of the Underworld.

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